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brunch with smith

Looking out my window, the rain was already coming down, it looked and was cold. I had to decide if I was going to go to my weekly protest outside the World Trade Center, called by me, "The Den of the Centaur." The time was 10:00 AM, the 15 bus was coming in fifteen minutes, should I go or just say, "Too wet--too cold."

I put on my heaviest coat, gloves and took two hats; grabbed my sign and off to the bus stop on Stark. I could hear my dog Lucky laughing as I went out the door in the rain, but I wanted to keep my promise of showing up each Thursday to take on Gorgon Smith. I wanted to tell people who would listen that he is a NeoCon of the worst sort. A closet Neo Conservative, who comes out when Cheney and Bush need his vote. This week was important because I was going after his voting record concerning the military and veterans affairs. My sign had been done the night before and it read:





My handout talked About the Disabled American Veterans and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America scorecard on our NeoCon Gordon Smith.





Democrats support troops and veterans---republicans just lie.

I did get soaked but there was a great moment when a woman came up to me and gave me hot cider. I was so touched that she would do that I knew I made the right decision to go into the rain and cold and stand with my sign. I will return each Thursday about 11:45 as long as my body allows me to call out our shame called Gordon Smith.

Want to take a ride---see ya next Thursday, should be fun after the election.

Who should run against Smith in 2008? I like Rep. Earl Blumenauer

In peace and hope,

Joseph Walsh, lone vet
thanks Joe 04.Nov.2006 06:14


It takes some courage to go into the lair and weather the rain alone. If i'm not there with you on Thursday, please know that i am there in spirit and support you.

Thank you 04.Nov.2006 18:45


Thank you for being out there and fighting the fight rain or shine!
At this time I could not vote for Blumenauer. Not to burst yours or anyone's bubble, but several issues would keep me from doing so.
1- to the best of my knowledge Earl was one of the few politicians who signed the declaration of Peace. Part of this Declaration is a bill that would cut funding for the war, in my opinion a big step in the right direction. 2 weeks later Earl signed in favor of a huge spending bill for the war. Now I don't get this. It's a slap in the face!!
2-Earl supported 100% Israel's invasion and devastation of Lebanon, including sending weapons to Israel bought with our taxdollars making this carnage possible.
3- Earl, in a letter to myself, is against impeachement of Bush/Cheney etc.." "It would not be good for the country". (??)
Hopefully in the near future it will be possible for real progressives to run for office, after changes in the campaign financing laws. Till then I will dream on, but not sell out!!

THE NEW DEMS 05.Nov.2006 00:11



I am not hung up on Rep. Blumenauer for the senate. I put his name out there because we need someone to step up and take on Smith. There is much work to be done after this election on Tuesday. Do you have someone in mind?

The Democratic Party has possibilities, but progressives and liberals will have to work hard to change the party's direction. If we cannot get the dems to listen to us, we will have to start on the local level and recreate the party of the working class. I am open to any ideas on this problem we have with dems who play it safe. I do want to be proud of how we, as a people treat the least among us here and in other counties.

Aranas 05.Nov.2006 20:58


Hi, lone vet. I did not mean to be down on you at all for mentioning Blumenauer. I just felt the need to write down the things I know about him, and the political game- playing to which no one seems to be immune is really getting to me. People need to know about that stuff. Who knows if that ever stops I might vote for him or someone like him. But for now NO. Paul Aranas is the only one I can think of to recommend. Check out his website. However he is a Green party candidate, I assume without money, so there you go. You are right about having our work cut out for us, whichever way the election swings. I will keep my fingers crossed for the passing of 46 and 47 .Thanks for being out there and throwing out food for thought.

ARE WE FREE? 06.Nov.2006 14:38

lone vet

I wrote this in Aug of 05

One day, standing on the Morrison Bridge, a woman asked me why I call myself the Lone Vet when many other veterans are supporting what I am saying with my signs. This was my answer to her.

1. I want to say things on my signs that I am proud of, things I believe are happening now.

2. I want people to see one person--- week after week--- giving up some of his time to say, "Enough."

3. I want to give a voice to all the dead.

4. We want to point to the hypocrites among us.

5. We want to lower our flags to honor the living and not just the dead.

6. We want our country back, the country I spent nine years of my life fighting for, (USN 1962-71).

7. We want to look in the mirror and say, I did what I could----I did not just stand by and watch our country lose what we stand for today.

8. We want our kids and grandkids to enjoy the freedoms many of us fought for by our service to this wonderful nation.

9. We stand on the Morrison Bridge not for me, but for the future generations caught in a battle of Monsters.

I use the pronoun "We" because I know others join me in the battle against all monsters, foreign and domestic, I am not alone and I know this when I stand on my bridge in Portland, Oregon each Friday morning from 0730-0830, not much to ask. from a citizen of the United States of America..

November 6, 2006, 2:29 PM

Are you free?