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The Spooks came after Halloween

Summary: An account of investigative D.C. journalist Wayne Madsen in Portland on the eve of the 2006 elections. These elections will determine the fate of our nation.
The Spooks came after Halloween

Kris Millegan, owner of Trine Day publishing company, brought Wayne Madsen to the Pacific Northwest for a book tour. Based upon the Portland reception, it was an abysmal failure. Appearances can be deceiving. A dark and rainy night for some, rains had finally arrived in Oregon in earnest. A few men and one slightly inebriated woman arrived to hear Wayne. Kris opened the evening with a brief history of his own involvement with the intelligence community. Forced to compact a tortured tale of drug smuggling and high misdemeanors into a short opening, he grated upon some young white males. They heckled him into silence to allow Wayne to speak. Wayne was gracious and got right to the point.
Many of the men looked suspicious, angry, and into conspiracy theories, or practitioners of conspiracy theories. Again, appearances can be deceiving. Wayne briefly mentioned Clint Curtis, since voter hacking is the caveat upon which all the 2006 election hinges. Clint won his primary race in Florida based upon his whistle blowing of Tom Feeney and Republican rigging of voting machines. This race was won in direct opposition not only to the Republicans, but to the corrupt Democratic Leadership Committee (DLC) as well.
Recently, Wayne has posted a lot about pedophilia and the depth of abuse within the Washington, D.C. Congressional community in this regard. A moral indignation fatigue has set in, so he did not linger long on this subject.
Some of his informants met him in typical spy settings, closed bars, or behind chain link fences that distorted shotgun mikes. Other informants had to be elaborately misidentified in order to protect his sources. Wayne clearly stated that there are many career officers in the intelligence community and justice department risking their entire careers to come forward and reveal information to attempt to save our Country's freedom. Siebel Edwards was one of these heroines mentioned.
Wayne began on the Bush criminal cabal and systematically exposed the level of corruption in case anyone in the audience had any doubt. He named Marvin Bush as the most corrupt of H.W. Bush and Barbara's brood. G.W. is just a drunk who cannot be trusted with any real secrets. Marvin tried to cover the police report around murder of his maid Bertha. Wayne was able to access that report and unable to learn what was on the videotape that led to her murder. He then pointed out the unusual number of coincidences around Marvin's link to 9-11. Securacom, which changed to Stratasec, had the contract for security of the Twin Towers and airport security where the highjackers were allowed to take off. The Saudi's and Kuwaiti's were business partners in these companies. Walker Point where the Bush family vacations is owned by Ward Walker and was involved as well.
On to Neil, who after Enron, holds the title for the second biggest heist of U.S. money: Neil has close links with the Saudi's and United Arab Emirates. The botched attempts to assassinate Bin Laden were the direct result of orders to protect the Crown Prince of Dubai who was hunting nearby. Dubai laundered large sums of money that supported Bin Laden's ventures. Neil has also been linked to Biowarfare defense companies.
Jeb Bush's son, George P., is the hot ladies man. Pierce Bush is being groomed for the 50th president of the U.S. in the oligarchic crime family. Wayne then focused on George W. and his failed business enterprises Arbusto and Harken Oil. (Molly Ivins does an excellent job on these links in her book, Shrub.) The Bush campaign plane was the Enron corporate jet, just painted over. Carlyle Company was implicated, as well as Salma Khalizad, Karzai, and Condoleeza Rice. Mullah Omar brought a beautiful carpet to Bush and met with the National Security Council just before the 9-11 attack.
Wayne Madsen summed all this up to state that the Bush family truly consider themselves a monarchy. He left us with a saying from Thomas Jefferson before taking questions, "A little patience and we shall see the witches' reign pass over"
When asked about his part with Echelon and computer security, he responded that the U.S. Air Force had claimed cyberspace as their new domain for disinformation and control of access. The technical details of this are so convoluted that he did not attempt to suggest emails were being pulled routinely on postings to sites such as Portland Indymedia. It would explain in part why there was such poor attendance at his talk, since there are many in the Portland area that would have liked to confirm the information that Wayne posts from his website in D.C.
As this author left, he heard his name mentioned, although he recognized no one, and had not left his name on any material. Perhaps, people in the know, considered it unwise to be seen with such a connected source as Wayne Madsen. The ghostly presence of so many Spooks might deter the faint of heart.
Wayne Madsen well known here 03.Nov.2006 11:09

theresa mitchell

I interviewed Mr. Madsen just a couple of weeks ago, on KBOO. His book, Jaded Tasks, flew out of "Pledge Central," and we raised a couple of thousand within an hour--quite a response, in context.

It does seem odd that his appearance was not well attended; perhaps the word somehow didn't get out....but I'll try to provide that information on my show, next time around, and maybe he'll get the crowd he deserves. I like his website because the information proves quite durable.

23rd Ave. Books appearance tonight! 03.Nov.2006 15:57


Wayne Madsen will be at 23rd Ave. Books tonight at 7PM if you're interested in meeting him and having a book signed. It's a free event and I encourage everyone to kick off their weekends this way.

Twenty-Third Avenue Books
1015 NW 23rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97101