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Eugene, OR: Important “Green Scare” Hearing November 9th

Announcement from Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan ( http://www.supportdaniel.org/):
Daniel McGowan and non-cooperating defendants in court November 9th

There will be a very important status hearing on November 9th before Judge Aiken at 9:30 AM. If you are able to come and show support for Daniel and the other remaining non-cooperating defendants, Jonathan, Nathan, and Joyanna, we really want to see you there. The McGowan family and Daniel's wife, Jenny, will be in attendance.
Daniel's lawyers, Amanda Lee and Jeffrey Robinson will be available for media interviews after the hearing.

The hearing will be held in the new federal courthouse at 405 E. 8th Avenue. Map:  link to maps.yahoo.com

Please be on time.
Thank you,
Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan


[Additional note, not from F&FDMcG]
"Green Scare" and Operation Backfire background info/resources are available at: