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TRULY Independent 9/11 Research

Before you decide whether or not to believe a word I say, it might do well to consider that in the last five years, I have had some forty or so email accounts hacked to uselessness as well as half a dozen mailing lists. I have dealt with literally, many thousands of electronic attacks, from files disappearing from my home computer (key files researching Booz, Allen, & Hamilton) to an unending stream of attempts at depositing worms and viruses in my hardware, sometimes to the tune of several hundred in a week. When I broke the connection to remote piloting, or unmanned aerial vehicles, and Teslian physics, my sister's house burned to the ground and a week later, my brother's apartment caught fire. During this time, I have had two dogs poisoned, about a year apart.
Just do a search for "Eric Stewart" and "Death Threat" sometime. Now onto the gist:

What Daniel Hopsicker and Mike Ruppert both fail to wrap their minds around is that if at least four of the nineteen hijackers can be found alive, and they are, according to the BBC, then we can throw out the official story, which is that nineteen Arabs pulled it off. Oddly, many cannot seem to stop believing in this particular lie put out by the Bush administration, among all the others. Anyone that considers themselves an independent investigator into the events of 9/11 would do well to stop following up on a lead provided by the very admistration we accuse of orchestrating it. Incessantly, we hear extrapolations on how the nineteen hijackers were actually in Saudi employ, or in American employ, or what have you but few have the gall, it seems, to disbelieve George W. Bush on his initial statement.

In a nutshell -

The National Reconaissance Office sent up a satellite on September 8, 2001 and three days later it operated nicely while helping to facilitate the "wargames" that the military was engaged in on 9/11 and all the while we get reports from the U.K.'s online Space News Feed from their weekly edition on the 16th that satellite communications were down all over the planet. I guess the NRO's new baby was somehow immune, OR IT HELPED TO CAUSE IT!

Trivia question: WHO was it that was conducting the war games and where was it happening? Did you say USSPACECOM, otherwise known as NORAD? So close!

Who said USSTRATCOM?!? That's right it happened out of Offut Air Force Base! NORAD wasn't involved except for the complicit silence of a few senior officers. It was stood DOWN, remember?

Trivia question: WHO was at Offut AFB that base with a small handful of CEO's from the World Trade Center? That's right! It was Warren Buffet.

WHO did Mitre Corporation (specializing in real time battle command and unmanned aerial vehicles - remote piloting) used to brag having as an investor? Warren Buffet.

WHO was known to be in tight with with a Massachusettes firm called Ptech? Mitre Corporation, that's who. Mitre Corp., as a matter of fact, is the spawn of Lincoln Laboratories at MIT, in Massachusettes.

A charity owned by the CIA-employed actor we call Osama, had as a client, Ptech.

And these ARE actors. They work together getting away with crap right in front of us because modern day spooks don't so much hide behind bushes as they hind behind taboos, playing out a drama scripted at the Council on Foreign Relations designed to shaft us and pit us against each other at the same time and by EACH OTHER I mean HUMANS (reinforcement of the existence of racial tension with disinformation designed to keep people apart).

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