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Vote against *Tina Kotek* in House District 44

As a long time Democrat in North Portland, I say vote against Tina Kotek and for moderate Republican candidate Jay Kushner.
In the politically active and traditionally Democratic N/NE Portland House District 44, there were two long time Democratic residents and political activists running to fill the seat being vacated by long time incumbent Gary Hansen. They were Jim Robison and Mark Kirchmeier. Another candidate won the Dem primary and that was Tina Kotek, except Tina isn't a long time resident of N/NE. Tina is a well connected Dem operative who has run and failed in her old district and moved to North Portland to capitalize on the vacancy of incumbent Hansen.

Kotek bought her house in NoPo just over a year ago and brought her special interest backing and poltical machine with her just to win a seat in the House, because she couldn't win prior elections in Dist 43. She outspent both her Dem primary competitors.

Political opportunism at the expense of local activists and issues is just WRONG! Vote against *Tina Kotek* for State Rep
Yeah, but... 02.Nov.2006 16:44


Electing a Republican does not seem like the best way to send a message against political opportunism. Maybe it would have been more productive to try to help one of the other candidates in the primary.

Assumption 02.Nov.2006 17:53


Should I assume Kushner does not have Republican backing? No thanks, I already gladly voted for Tina.

NoPo Dem needs a head check 02.Nov.2006 19:59

SE Dem

Yo I work with low income women doing childcare (earning $2.12-1.68 hr) and Tina has been right behind us in our effort to form a union. Tina in the house will be a major blessing for everyone who hopes for lefties to get elected.

is it because she is a lesbian? 03.Nov.2006 19:12

just wondering if you are homophobic

When you say she "brought her special interest backing" do you Basic Rights Oregon?

The point here is a vote for any republican is a vote for BUSH! So unless the Republican running in the district has denouced BUSH and his WAR, I wouldn't consider voting for them. If a dog catcher is elected in Troutdale and he has an R after his name, Bush will claim a mandate to invade Syria.

That's it, Just Wondering 03.Nov.2006 20:26


It must have to do with Tina being a lesbian. You don't dispute the allegations, her short time living in the district, or her intent of moving there. Any criticism is all about her being a lesbian. Criticize Kotek and you are against gay marriage and gay rights, is that right? Sort of the same logic as if you ain't with Bush, your with the terrorists, right?

Take your political tactics and put them to work for Karl Rove. Your straw man argument so conveniently sidestepped the fact that Kotek moved to North Portland purely out of political opportunism. In fact, you pretty much admitted it. Well, welcome to the 'hood. Obviously, Kotek has her own agenda and hasn't been around nopo long enough to really understand what matters here.

The fact you didn't contest anything NoPo Dem had to say and tried turning it into a anti lesbian attack, just shows that Tina is a Dem plant. The same Dems who under Kulongoski have prevented 3rd party candidates from having a fair chance at the elections. You may as just well say that any criticism of Israel is anti semitism.

Interesting 04.Nov.2006 09:39


Corker writes: "You may as just well say that any criticism of Israel is anti semitism" as an argument against the question of homophobia. Corker's argument is a fair enough one, but in response, one might add you might just as well say "The fact you didn't contest anything NoPo Dem had to say and tried turning it into a anti lesbian attack, just shows that Tina is a Dem plant." I fail to see how the conclusion can be drawn.