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1102 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Thursday, November 2nd, 2006.
1. Democratic Representative Earl Blumenaur got his staff onto Ron Saxton's less than ethical past. It was a rather minor issue - Saxton falsely claimed to have lead the effort to lower the voting age in Oregon to 18 back in 1971. The point is, turn over any Republican, however squeaky clean and you'll find something. Same is true for Democrats, but it's always the GOP that lays claim to the moral high ground.
2. Vlad-the-Implorer: The Oregon Department of Justice is convening a Grand Jury to consider criminal charges against one Vladimir Golovan the Slavic activists behind the strange campaign saga of Emily Boyles. (She recently popped up in Montana as a reporter for a local media outlet.
3. Heading into the homestretch, here come the ads for ballot measures, many of them reeking of Howard Rich's New York real estate money.
4. Washing State is looking south with growing concern over the rising tide of property rights poison. The Howie Richs of the world have poured money into every state in the nation that looks like the electorate is dumb enough to be dazzled by the idea that rampant subdivioning is good for the average guy. Washington has its own property rights initiative this go around. We're the poster child for all that's wrong with initiatives of this sort (and so in Gresham... )
5. The Oregonian meditated yesterday on the Cascades: should we cut down all the trees and make some fast cash or should we open it up to every arsehole with an ATV and a six-pack of Bud? Lost in the stampede is the fact that forests are working overtime right now simply as the source of the air we breathe. Let's at least give them that... .
6. As The World Warms: We are looking at a catastrophic Pine Bark Beetle infestation brought on by climate change. (And all the talk on earth doesn't change the fact that we are heading over a cliff at 85 mph; Slowing down to 50 isn't going to help... .)
7. Fast Times In Redmond: A Redmond man has been sentenced to two and a half years in the slammer for trafficking in an American Indian skeleton. Yes, he dug up the bones of someone's ancestors and tried to sell them. (How do people in the hinterlands think these things up? Don't they have enough to do canvassing for the likes of Ron Saxton?)
8. The first time around, the military reported that one of the first women to die in Iraq died from a "non-hostile weapons discharge" Fact is Army Specialist Alyssa Peterson committed suicide by shooting herself in the head with her own rifle after being assigned to a torture unit in Tal-Afar known as 'The Cage'.
9. The Army arraigned three soldiers yesterday on charges of premeditated murder in the deaths of three Iraqi detainees. Arraignments will be held soon in the rape-murder case involving a girl and her family in Mahmoudiya. Just one thing after another in Iraq...
10. Former Blackhawk helicopter pilot, Tammy Duckworth of Lombard, Illinois is running for Congress as a Democrat in the 6th Congressional District, which - until Tammy - has been heavily Republican. She is just one of a number of Iraq War veterans running for public office across the country.
11. Diebold is demanding that cable network HBO cancel a documentary that questions the integrity of its voting machines. (The machines aren't the problem; it's the people controlling the machines that are crooked as snakes on speed... .)The program is called "Hacking Democracy". See it.
12. Déjà vu All Over Again, And Again and Again: Voting rights groups are concerned that millions of Hispanic, Black, Native American and Asian citizens who have a limited command of English (That number would not, of course, include the president who keeps a stable of trained 'explainers') are going to be intimidated and discriminated at the polls next Tuesday.
13. A man is going to prison for ten years for cutting off his two-year-old daughter's clitoris with scissors. The fellow is of Ethiopian descent. His daughter is seven now and testified in court that her father cut her on her private part.
14. As the death toll for US troops in Iraq passed 1004 for the month of October, the Democrats are slowly emerging from hibernation and awakening to the fact that they could have taken back Congress, had they got to work sooner... .
15. New Jersey: Birth control for bears (But do they have to get parental consent first?)
16. American consumer confidence is down.
17. Venezuela and Guatemala have withdrawn their bids for the non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council. They punted to Panama, the Disneyland of dictators...
18. The US says that there is "mounting evidence" (That smell? It's John Bolton's copy machine overheating... ) that Syria, Iran and Hezbollah are planning to topple the Lebanese government.
19. Al-Jazeera will soon start broadcasting worldwide in English. It will be the first network to broadcast globally on HDTV.
20. Peace talks between Somalia's transitional government (That would be from no government to government and back to no government... ) and Islamist has been postponed.
21. A Chinese court has thrown out a guilty verdict against Chen Guancheng. He's the activist who raised concerns about forced abortions.
22. Hezbollah confirmed that indirect talks with Israel on a prisoner exchange are underway. (Which is why the US has to hop on it and start fomenting trouble between Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Lebanon... .See #18 above)
23. In Iraq the violence has completely spun out of control. The list of bombings and killings is a mile long. Hospitals and morgues are inundated with bodies.
24. Sittin' on the Dock of the EBay: The World Society for the Protection of animals are going to buy whales in order to save them from Icelandic whaling fleets.

sui generis

Note to 'Troublemaker: We did two stories on Oaxaca on Monday, Oct. 3oth, one about the situation on the ground there and a companion piece on actions taking place Monday and Tuesday in Portland. I put the information in Get This. On Tuesday the am news ran three stories and the evening news over the same time period did no less than four. Tonight on the KBOO pm news we will feature a live interview with an activist in Oaxaca. Please check to make sure your radio is plugged in to a functioning socket and/or check your batteries....