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Oaxaca Radio APPO under heavy attack!

Federal Police is about to take the University in Oaxaca and to put an end to the transmition of Radio Universidad, the only source of true information from Oaxaca.
November 2 2006, Mèxico.

During the whole morning, Radio Universidad, has been under attack from the Federal Police PFP. Barricades has been falling one after another by this repressive force. Many have been injured and others have been detained. Reports are coming in constantly of how police have been using tear gas, many have been injured and detained. The anouncer in Radio Universidad keep calling for calm and to resist ina a pacific way.

Thaousands of police corps are closing in. Helicopters have been removing people detained by police. Lasts attacks are very close helicopters are throwing gas grenades. Incoming calls to the station are from desperate people reporting from the front lines. Riot tanks are reported to be used in this offensive. Many of these reports have been confirmed by Indy reporters on the site. Right now gas is falling on the radio station thrown from helicopters.

Sports installations have allready falled under the control of police, wich violates the Universitys Autonomy. Riot Tanks are allready breaking in. Police is placing fire arms inside the University for making false acusations. Last report we had, a mexican media activist from the Medios Libres network has been seriously injured in the head. We're not writing his name for security issues.

There are also been violence in another spots in the city where reports indicate that police is braking into peolpes houses and making illegal detentions.

If this radio falls, the movement will be hited in the most important strategic point, and information flow from Oaxaca will be cut off.

The call in the city is to reinforce Ciudad Uiversitaria. For the outside the call is for mobilizing and to protest.

Keep tuned!

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Brave 02.Nov.2006 11:31


May God have mercy to the very brave resisters. I am very concerned.

in peace 02.Nov.2006 16:52


Blood alone moves the wheels of history-Mussolini
My people, we will overcome this battle. We've fought bigger battles and have succeeded. We shall remain strong, holding hands and taking care of each other. Only like this we will prevail.
Your children outside of your state/country hope for a better tomorrow. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.