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Emergency Shelter Funding Approved,Portland,Oregon

Portland City Council approved emergency Funding for the Hotel/Motel Voucher Program
Five aye's for emergency extenision of the Hotel/motel Voucher program to Provide immediate shelter for women displaced from the Closing of the Salvation Army's Harbour Lights Shelter passed thru Portland,Oregon City Counsel on Wednesday 10/1/06

I did testify to counsel on this Matter not to negate the need for all homeless to be properly sheltered, but to Point out Concerns handed to me by Homeless Person standing in line At Sisters of the Road Cafe ,(whom could not miss getting their only hot meal of the day to come testify).

As far back as a year ago,Concerning That the Salvation Army owns an operates Thrift store's in the greater Portland Area,and why aren't they evenly spreading the profits/funding through out all their programs raised at those stores ?

1. Why were they the recipients of all the donated goods that were piled up in the School Parking lot in Portland,That the Red Cross refused to accept to help the Katrina Victims with ?? (Mayor Potter got lots of Calls on this Concern)
And the 4 Giant full truck loads of the Donations that the Salvation Army recieved Made them More revenue than they normally had in a Fisical year,because the Manager explained to me, that they would be pricing it,and putting it on the shelves and when Katrina Victims arrived at the schools, they would get Vouchers of only about $150.00 per person to use on what-ever thhey needed.
Now if you take what was donated in 4 semi-truckes and do a head count of whom was at the School, something does not add up.

2.As I told the Counsel, I was told by a former CPA that worked for the Red Cross, He knew whom he did pay-outs for in the south, during disasters in the Past,(what high-end Hotel red-cross big wigs RED Cross CEO's stayed at while all others were devastated standing by the road with nothing, and even whom ordered the Red Snapper etc...Get the Picture )

3. Why did the CPA mention that Salvation Army is Listed on the NYS exchange under " American Salvage"?

4. Told by another source last night, that the Salvation Army keeps any 501 Levis,Jeans in Boxes in the Back rooms,and ships to Japan for high end pay-out ($100 or more a Pair )from that market ....Shipping Recipts to Japan....

5. My Question was, what CEO is sleeping in a $1,000,000 home tonight, when some homeless women, turn from their Program might die ??

I previously worked at the Non Profit "Volunteer's of America" in Portland and once a year,They hold the "Oscars" fund raiser at the Tiffany Center that raise's operation funding thru Benifit Auction to fund their 8 different Outreach Programs as well as contributions donated thru the year. I don't remember them asking City Counsel for Hand outs in Emergency when they failed to Oversight their Programs.

I asked the City Council to Pay-Attention, so this does not come back to Bite them at a Later date.

Harbour Lights will open Back up on November 22nd, the day before Thanksgiving, so if you feel the need to help out with Turkey donations and things to make it a thankful Holiday for all the shelters in Downtown that serve the Homeless, please contact them.
Come from abundance, but always ask Commissioner Sten (HOUSING /HOMELLESS )and Commissinor Lenard (PUBLIC SAFTEY)Questions and bring forth Concerns about oversight.

I met up with a different homeless woman with a still bloodied forehead whom had been beaten on Halloween Night,(she asked me if the sleeping bag she was carrying and the fact she was going to sleep outside last night would that mean she was Homeless?)
She begged me for a Voucher, I explained that no-body is standing out in the street handing these vouchers out,and sent her over to Sister's to get help.

So if somebody knows what Hotel/Motels or the Agency in Charge has these Vouchers, I could send people in the right direction.
I'll ask Sten Later today, whom they Made the Check out to.

This Morning, I'm testifying at Clackamas County Commission Meeting (citizen imput time)on getting them to Join Portland,Oregons Mayor's Mental Health Commission in Getting " ALL " Police Offiicers the Mental Health awarness Training as required by State Law in HB 3638 The group at City Hall on Tuesday, State Sen.Gordley and Mayor Potter and Multnomah County Commissioners all voted that Clackamas County and other Counties in the region needed to be inclusive of this, to effect over all change from power in Numbers.

Clackamas County Commission starts at 10:a.m. each thursday ,I am encouraging them to get Sheriff Roberts to Comply and to attend the Next meeting in 2 weeks to get on Board.
excellent, teater 02.Nov.2006 16:11

homeless person

I am a homeless woman with a child and trying to do something about this stuff.
I think our city council is a good group, but they need to be worked on. They are in good hands though, because this is a town to be proud of because of people like Teater. Your influence will extend farther than you can see--doing good is synergistic. Good begets good.
I am lucky that I do not have a bloodied face and have only a sleeping bag, but I live in a lot of fear every day, and have for a very long time. It's all related to homelessness and bad laws that do not recognize women and children.
I think city hall is proud of being part of what you are doing. They have very honorable jobs as civil servants, and they should be proud everyday of what they are doing. But you were the wind beneath their wings, you are the one who breathed this life into them. (Not that they did not have good instincts before you came to them, either). Thank you for doing the groundwork and the citizenship, and for bringing and keeping positive energy and momentum in this very special town.
What did Mother Theresa say?.....the fruit of faith is service, and the fruit of service is love, and the fruit of love is PEACE.


Hmm... 02.Nov.2006 20:12


The question that hasn't been asked is why is the Salvation Army, a multi-million dollar non-profit paying for the shelter so the city of Portland can better use funds, especially when the shelter has been proven unsanitary for human beings. Sanitary can be subjective, but when a large institution like the Salvation Army is not providing people with an environment filled with Dignity, than people need to be asking the larger question. What's wrong with the Salvation Army, and why can't they fund a woman's shelter and provide a healthy atmophere?