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From a Deaf Poet

Explaining Robert Fripp's brutality and accomplice in an atrocity.
I am a deaf poet looking for persons who, in learning about the terrible cruelty that I live with, might know what I should do and look at the evidence concerning a very unusual investigation. The crime I report is categorical, meaning, I was selected, first as a very young child, because of such liberal politics as my father's book dedicated to Dr. King. The sadism and horror of being tortured as a child became even more serious when a terrible hate criminal in popular music named Robert Fripp took a driven hatred for me over no fault of my own and lashed out me horrendously for years.

I followed leads, as a wary medical library clerk, that there was a group with prior knowledge of HIV, before the onslaught hit and secured proof that they had earmarked, (deafened me deliberately), as a mandatory AIDS testing guinea pig. Fripp had been attracted to this Gurdjieff cult and set upon me to alibi them because they had planted Lennon murder papers on my home which he was making intellectual property claims on behind my back, while inundating me with odd cryptograms and claims of great friendship and affection. I found these Lennon murder papers for what they are because of the AIDS crime they committed. Fripp is accomplice to that crime and covering for it.

I believe it is important and relevant that dad was on Bush's ship in WW2 and was evidently blamed by Bush for the loss of his plane in battle. This could explain my being chosen to be blamed for Lennon's murder; indeed, it probably does. I was horribly, horribly tortured and my deaf, retarded loved one raped in Robert Fripp's pathological, deceitful rampage in Pittsburgh from which violence Seattle deaf advocates evacuated me a little over five years ago. I believe it is also relevant that the men who gassed me as a child were named Ronnie and Casper, just like Reagan and Weinberger. It was, I will say again, a categorical crime and one of the things that made me suspicious of the letters, initialled GB for Gail (gay-ill) Burstyn is that I was gassed and she was from the Jewish holocaust survivor community. The letters are dated 1974 and name the assassin of Mr. Lennon.

Large numbers of powerful people already know this story. I was dogged in homelessness for a year by the FBI, Hollywood and the SS. There is a criminal ring, organized by Oliver Stone who printed my name in Cineaste Film Quarterly to brag of his beastiality towards me (I suffered horrendous seizures) who have stalked me and aided men I reported for torture. All sorts of celebrities are defending Fripp and he is defending the people who I proved had prior knowledge of the AIDS onslaught. The evidence in John Lennon's murder was found during the investigation into AIDS origin and Fripp is just lying his ass off in order to secure profiteering rights.

I badly need protection advocates regarding Fripp and his terrible cruelty.

phone: phone: deaf, no phone
address: address: 315 Maynard Ave. S. #309 Seattle, WA 98104

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