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canadian government repression- of native ceremonies-
strait from the people.
Danita Thomas-NEZ < danitathomas_10@hotmail.com>
Subject: Eagle Feathers/Government????
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 11:43:44 -0700

Hey my sister inlaw read about this in the news paper...please check this
out....and lets make our voices heard. They are not going to take our pride. they
are not going to take our voice or land or our tradition or our people!

"Apparently there is a little known court case in the Lower Mainland of BC
involving Reynold Collings a known bustle maker and 11 others charged
illegal posession of eagle feathers. Since the Squamish eagle killings, BC
conservation officers and the provincial court have decided to enforce a
little known act that charges anyone in possession of feathers. Apparently
conservation is hoping to win and set a precedence which will allow them to
'go anywhere with a search warrent and take them'. Effectively all first
nation people with an eagle feather in their possession are in jepardy of
being convicted of a crime. This will effectively put a stop to all our
sweats, our ceremonies, our adornments - our sprituality. This began April
25, 2006. Word needs to get out to stop this obvious misconduct of

For more information contact Gary Abbott  snypergva@hotmail.com

~* DanitaNez *~
no way 01.Nov.2006 20:15

wichasta ohuze

Just one more way for the Borg to force assimilation on us.

Our resistance is NOT futile, and we will NOT be assimilated.

Screw the Europeans and the Mayflower Moving Company they rode in on.