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an american dies and suddenly we all give a shit?

So, anybody remember what happened after Rachel Corrie died? Same thing happening now, and it makes me sick.
People wern't paying attention or willing to do anything before, and now everybody cares? so many people are organizing and protesting now around oaxacca. why? it makes me sick to see all the signs for brad, and all the posts all over the internet, and i wish that people could recognize the multitude of struggles going on right now and not need to feel threatened by a murder that hits closer to home to start supporting them.

Fuck Off 01.Nov.2006 15:09

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

We indymedia junkies were reading and writing about Oaxaca from the time the teachers went on strike. In fact one of us went down there and got murdered by government thugs. Take your fuckin race bating to CNN and the rest of the corporate media. It doesn't belong here.

I don't disagree 01.Nov.2006 15:09

tsalagi red

While I don't disagree with those who show us the racism and parochialism in our communities, I would like to point out two things to the author of this post:

1. The demonstrations and other actions are not because of the death of Brad Will. They are because the Federales have moved into Oaxaca and the violence against APPO is escalating. Now is the time that the Oaxacans need our international support. It doesn't mean that folks here have not been interested or supportive --many of us have been supportively waiting, knowing that this time would come. Others have been doing educational work about Oaxaca for a long time now.

2. Brad Will spent time in the northwest doing forest-protection work, so a lot of local people know him personally.

You need to look at the bigger picture.

We are responsible for our own attitudes 01.Nov.2006 15:13


I have been following Oaxaca since Late June when a friend of mine returned from Mexico with stories about it. We had parted in Austin in April, I went back east and he went to Mexico and was in Oaxaca when shit started going down. We met again at Rainbow in Colorado Late in June and he told me about it. He had suggested narconews (www.narconews.com) as the best source for anything happening in Mexico and I have been following it and speaking with people I know about it ever since.

I agree that it's a shame Americans, including activist Amaricans have a tendancy to be a bit insular and this is reflected in what shows up on Indymedia. A bit ago, I chastised Indymedia for lack of coverage of KorUS in Seattle. I was chastised in turn, and rightly so, that Indymedia is only what we make it. We are Indymedia and the attitudes it reflects are our own. Subsequently, my articles on KorUS, an FTA as big as NAFTA, were published on Seattle and Portland IMC sites. KorUS also got coverage on the main site with my article as a comment.

So both you, me and others should have been encouraging people to be up in arms back in june when people were already being killed in Oaxaca. You are so right, we, all of us, including you and I need to examine ourselves. If we are going to be sick about this, we need to be sick at ourselves. As for Brad, he was out there doing what we should be doing and ended up giving his life to combat the very attitudes we are speaking of.

People like Brad still need to be honored. When I was in Miami for the FTAA, during a ritual including the Witches and the Black Bloc. Somebody came up with a guitar and started, with a few others to sing Desert Rats teargas song. I remember the line, "If you don't make it through this fight I swear I'll tell your tale". I just found out from a friend that the guy on the guitar who sang that in Miami was Brad Will. So I don't think it's a bad thing now that we should now sing Brads song.

Love, Solidarity and Magic

take what we can get 01.Nov.2006 15:34


while its true that the corporate media didn't really pay any attention to oaxaca 2-3 articles a day) until Brad was killed (now its like 26-30), I think the above posts point out correctly that lots of people in our community have been doing lots of work around oaxaca for months. Brad's death was a horrible thing, but so was the killing of Pánfilo Hernández, René Calva, Alejandro García Hernández, Emilio Alonso Fabián, Esteban López Zurita and others.

The escalating protests now, while in part due to brad's murder, are about the fact that the mexican government sent in federal troops. If the corporate media is only paying attention because a white journalist and activist from the US was killed, that's shallow, but at least they're paying attention to something they were ignoring before.

Reactionary Provocateurs 01.Nov.2006 16:30

Did you fall for it?

I knew this was going to happen just like it happened when Carlo was killed in Genoa.

Reactionary provocateurs start loudly complaining that no one should care that someone is dead because the dead person is white. If people continue to care then they are labeled racists.

Soon shallow thinking activists fall for the provocation and start to question their own thinking - some even go as far as to make accusations of racism for no other concrete reason other than the fact that people care that a white anarchist was murdered by the State.

This is complete and utter idiocy. Start thinking for yourselves people!

Sorry to burst you're reactionary provocateur bubble but it is human nature to care when one of your comrades is killed - plain and simple. There is nothing more complex to it. In this case, somehow making this a racial issue served to do nothing at all except divide and diminish solidarity and lessen resistance.

This is not a case of racism it is a case of provocateurs trying to sabotage the solidarity being shown to Oaxaca by making folks feel guilty about the basis of their solidarity.

If these folks are not agents, they are surely being applauded by them for their divisiveness.

Please don't be fooled!

Continue with solidarity for all those being murdered for resisting the new world order.

pd 01.Nov.2006 16:58

coverage in the alternative press

There has been plenty of coverage in the alternative press for some time.
Indy media has been doing a great job
Also check out these links for articles from socialist Worker for what has been going on

Deadly crackdown on Oaxaca protest

Oaxaca, la represión asecha
Oaxaca struggle grows

Mexico teachers resist crackdown

Showdown looming over Mexico fraud

Defiance in Mexico

And this post is helpful how...? 01.Nov.2006 18:43

Jody Paulson

Thank you Lloyd Hart and "Did you fall for it?"
-- my thoughts exactly.

artikles 01.Nov.2006 19:20


thanx for the links to the articles.

THANK YOU! 01.Nov.2006 19:24

To "did u fall for it"

YES. We need not fall for it. Portland Indymedia has been doing an awesome job with this story for MONTHS. If people are pissed that no one has heard of the Oaxaca uprising before this, then they have not been following indy. Because it's been a prominent story on this site all this time. Fuck the provocateurs. Brad Will DIED to bring imcistas this story. He DIED for this story, and he died as an imcista. And now people who did NOTHING to tell this story are bitching because "no one cared" until he was killed? THINK. WHY was he killed??? BECAUSE HE WAS REPORTING ON THIS STORY!!! For Indymedia!

Fuck off whiners. You're tiresome. And you're probably all wearing badges.

Getting more people in solidarity is a good thing 01.Nov.2006 20:34


It would be great if tons more people suddenly started caring about Oaxaca. I hear there will be protests at the Consulate of Mexico (1234 Morrison SW) through the weekend. Please stop by and participate.

further rationalization 01.Nov.2006 21:36


lots of great insightful posts on this so-far! here's a couple more thoughts;

yes, anyone being murdered is horrendous. but there is something particularly chilling about a journalist critical of state policies being executed this way. as far as i know, we don't have any other video evidence of the crackdown beyong will's fall... that was the point in shooting the cameraman. although heartbreaking, there's good reason that some kinds of murders are considered more aggregious than others. i think similar outrage would be echoing across the land if a nurse or doctor trying to help the wounded was targeted for execution.

another source of outrage for many of us is our perception that the murders were used as justification for an authoritarian military siege. for some of us, it looks like a set-up... and we're pissed.

finally, although harrumphed's gripe is drasticaly over-simplified, i think we'd be wise to recognize what truth there is in it. the fact that american's will be more inclined to give a shit if an american is killed has significant tactical value. it sort of makes my flesh crawl to say that, but there it is. if americans can get motivated because they can identify with will, or his school, or his collegues, or pronounce the name of his home town, and by doing so can bring further attention and hopefully effect change... is that so bad?

in solidarity, j

Yes, you're right 01.Nov.2006 21:49


Absolutely. How dare those white people give their lives trying to get this story out to the world. And how dare anyone give a shit.

Can't they see how much cooler it is to sit up here and do nothing, like "harrumphed," and then complain that, although he died trying to tell this story, he must not have cared enough because his skin is white?

a 01.Nov.2006 22:09


I went to the solidarity action at the consulate on Tuesday and all the talk was about Oaxaca and very little about Brad Will.

Racist this racist that 01.Nov.2006 22:59


You know, the one thing I absolutely hate about the left is our constant urge to fight within ourselves. Members of the radical left and the liberal left fight each other to look better, we always have to fucking fight. Stop this shit right now. Stop it. I mean why do we constantly have to label things as racist. If anything has to do with white people in the activist community it always comes back to racism. I often hear people criticizing the activist community because of it's lack of diveristy in ethnicity. Instead of trying to branch out to ethnic communities, we bicker and point fingers, calling each other "classist, sexist, racist, homophobic". Fuck this shit right now damnit. While we label people as racists in the activist community, who quite frankly have been doing everything they can to eliminate racism, we are ignoring the real enemies.

This act of trying to point out "racism" is so counter-productive I am just screaming at the monitor. Don't you realize what Brad Wills stood for. He stood for justice, equality, and truth, he wasn't just another white man. Don't you think we should be saying fuck the mexican federal police aka the "paramilitary" that killed him? Don't you think we should be saying fuck Ruiz and his crooked politics? The reason why Brad got so much media attention was not because he was white, but because we knew a lot about him, and some knew him personally. If Brad was black or mexican he would be getting the exact same coverage from indymedia. You want to write a story about how you knew the other people who died, go ahead, but I bet you don't know much about them. Indymedia is not an organization, it is a tactic for the public to voice it's opinion. That means by blaming indymedia, you are blaming the public which means you are partly blaming yourself. I want to know about the others who died, but unfortunately little is known about them. Brad was a comrade. He was not known for being white, he was known for taking risks to uncover the truth. He was brave in fighting for equality. And by labeling him as just white and saying that's why he's getting the media attention you are dishonoring him and his message.

His death was shortly followed with the invasion of Oaxaca. If you think that NOW people are reporting just because of Brad's death, that's ignorant, Oaxaca is being invaded that's why there are so many reports about this. I mean say if Brad was black but was extremely rich, the argument then would be that he was getting so much indymedia coverage because he was rich. In any case people will try to find bias in reporting when it is not at all even there. Calling people racist who aren't at all is a cheap left cop out move, just like how the right calls people communists or now more recently terrorists. Can't we get along and understand that this is about people getting fucking killed in Oaxaca because they believe in equality, not about how someone is white and that is why they are getting the media attention. Stop fucking putting your "white guilt" before more important matters. "White guilt" should be addressed at racist police, racist boneheads, racist politicians, not your allies. So god damnit I am going to remember Brad Wills for what he was, a comrade, not a white male.

~Solidarity means solidarity, know who your allies are and respect them, no one is applauding your cheap left cop out move in finding "racism". Stop trying to score political points on being cocky.

self-righteous alpha-activist BS 02.Nov.2006 00:49


yeah, RIGHT, man, how DARE we all prompt YOUR righteous indignation.

b/c, of COURSE, now that people care, it's too late, and the people that care, that are willing to see, finally, what they maybe haven't seen before, should DEFINITELY BE RIDICULED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE because that is very CONSTRUCTIVE and not JUST SOME SELF-RIGHTEOUS BLOWHARD GETTING HIS KNOCKS IN SO THAT HE CAN BUILD UP ACTIVIST CRED.

activists like you make me at least as sick as apathy-laden americans, b/c your strident, self-indulgent pose makes a lot of people who would be willing to get involved feel judged before they even set foot in the door, and therefore actually hurts the movement.

if we got rid of people like you, who are in it to fuel their own egos and nothing else, maybe some work would start getting done.

Interesting thought 02.Nov.2006 09:56

repost from the other weird post

You know, as a matter of fact, almost no one in all of Mexico ever heard of Kendra James. Or Jahar Perez. Or Jim Chasse. Or Vernon Allen. But you know what? Lots of people in Mexico heard about Jose Mejia Poot.

So...does that mean that anyone in Mexico who cared that the police murdered Jose Mejia Poot is a racist for not caring about Kendra James and Jim Chasse and all the rest?

I agree - stop the generalizations about race 02.Nov.2006 10:47


Who the fvck cares about this crap anymore. If you fight the good fight, it doesn't freakin matter about your race. We're a flippin blend these days anyway. I get tired of these rants from (I'll guess) white people with a self righteous attitude. So, now only people of color are important to the movement? Give me a fvcking break. What about Rachael Corrie - not black enough? If you want to go to these extremes, I can say that, well not all hispanics are minorities, because they have "white" European Spanish blood, or vice versa, I'll claim that my Italian heritage is actually as minority as anyone claiming hispanic heritage. My point is, it shouldn't matter if you arer working for change. Of course we know the differences people of color face. That's a separate goddamn issue. Like the poster stated above, stop fighting amongst your own. No wonder the right kick the shit out of the left every freakin time.

Wrong venue, harrumphed 02.Nov.2006 15:18


If the person who posted this comment is anything but a provocateur, I would be very surprised. Because anyone who has spent any time at all on this site knows damn well that this is the most inappropriate place imaginable for someone to be bitching that people "don't care," or that they didn't care before the American was killed. The American was, I can't believe I need to point out, DOWN THERE REPORTING ON THE STORY FOR INDYMEDIA. People who read and post to indymedia care about all the struggles going on in the world right now, as any dolt could plainly tell. That's why the stories here cover and have covered all these struggles, that's why people care, and I can't believe I need to say, that's why Brad Will was murdered. Because imcistas care. Because he cared, and was willing to do more than just sit on his ass in front of a keyboard dissing other people. He was willing to take himself down there, into harms way, and get this story.

This sort of divisive provocation is scarcely worth response. But, on the outside chance that this was really just posted by a clueless dumbass, and not an outright provocateur, I will point out that indymedia is a global network, and if you care about any struggle on the planet, you can just click right on the local site on the left of your screen and go right there. Don't fucking tell me this story hasn't been covered all summer. Go check for yourself. On this, or any number of other indy sites in the network. Dumbass.

Un Hermano 02.Nov.2006 16:56


The death of Brad Will matters because he was a comrade. He died fighting along side of the people of Oaxaca. And he died for this story. It might interest anyone crying "racism" at this inexplicable moment to know that our comrades in South and Central America are also mourning his death. His story, and the story of Oaxaca, is headlining almost every indy site in the world. Boliva imc published stills from Brad's camera of the fascist thugs who murdered him, and reports this story thus, "LOS ASESINOS DE UN HERMANO." Un hermano. A brother. A comrade. The site is filled with news of the uprising. Yet this story still matters.  http://bolivia.indymedia.org/

Columbia indy has Brad's story featured, front and center, with the subheading, "ASESINADO EN OAXACA COMPAÑERO DE INDYMEDIA POR PARAMILITARES." CompaÑero.  http://colombia.indymedia.org/

Ecuador indy featured his story: "El "malgobierno" mexicano reprime al pueblo de Oaxaca. ¡Brad Will Presente!"  http://ecuador.indymedia.org/ Said the imcista in Ecuador, "Murió con su cámara de video en las manos." Yes, indeed.

Santiago indy weeps tears for our comrade. The top feature there right now reports, "Durante la manifestación se recordó al compañero Bradley Will Roland, miembro del Colectivo New York Indymedia, quién tuviera contacto con los miembros del CMI Santiago en su paso por nuestro país, y quien se levanta como un ejemplo de solidaridad entre los pueblos en resistencia." Here is another story from Santiago:  http://santiago.indymedia.org/news/2006/11/60293.php

Clearly, our comrades to the South do not see Brad Will as just another white guy. He is, indeed, a comrade.

Chiapas indy reports, "Muere en balacera reportero Will Bradley Roland de Indymedia
Ha empezado la locura, grupos de priìstas fuertemente armandos disparán contra personas desarmandas que se encuentran en en las barricadas localizadas en Santa Lucía del Camino y en San Antonio de la Cal, poblaciones aledañas a la ciudad de Oaxaca, hasta las 17:20 van 5 heridos de bala."

And Oaxaca indy? Yes. Of course, Brad's story is there too.  http://wikimedia.espora.org/oaxaca

If the people of Oaxaca understand why it matters than an imcista was killed for this story, why can't you? If the people of South and Central America can understand what solidarity really means, if they can recognize a true comrade when they see one, why can't you?

Truly, it would be nothing but racist to assert that all the people in the world struggling for free media, all the people of imcs in bolivia, argentina, chile, peru, columbia, ecuador, chaipas, and oaxaca, all the people who reported all of these stories because they care about a comrade, are just too ignorant of their own oppression to see that they only care because he was white. See, that's what we call bullshit. And bullshit is the same in any language.

I have to agree that whoever keeps posting this shit about how nobody would care if he weren't white is either just an ass, or a provocateur. At the very least, this is extremely ineffective in the effort to build community together. If you were talking about the corporate media, then yeh. You'd have a point. But to sling that crap here? Here where people actually *do* give a damn? Where they've proved it by covering the story all summer? Where one of our own actually gave his life for caring about this? No. I'm calling bullshit on that.

Here's to Brad Will, and the people of Oaxaca. And here's to getting this story out to the world.

Foot/mouth/anger 03.Nov.2006 06:16


Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, heee.

So angry, young skywalker. Angry racism is. Put foot in mouth young luke.

OK righteous whities of the world unite!!!

Solidarity is stupid, yes, and paternalistic, and just a plain ole lie.

Fight for the trees, fight for the students in Oaxaca! Fight, fight, fight!

Meanwhile have movements, meetings, countercultures that are totally racist, classist, and full of sexual predators who perpetrate rape against their 'comrades', and please, please, please tell me that i'm being divisive, that i'm really a cop because i tell you that i won't wait for you to deal with your shit until after the revolution...deal with your racism, your voyeurstic fantasies of violence againt mom and pop and their silly cops. deal with it.

ha, ha, young luke
so angry racism is.

wow, yeah, right, whatever 03.Nov.2006 10:42


Wow, if this isn't just the silliest thing ever.

An entire community comes together in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca. In the course of this solidarity, an imcista is killed by the oppressor down there. And some silly, silly provocateur wants to claim that it's "racist" to care? To show solidarity for a fallen comrade? Oh, please, angry little (probably white) person. You'll find no guilt here. You make me laugh.

Deal with your own "shit."

We've got work to do.

Just to clarify ... 03.Nov.2006 12:48

Jody Paulson

I didn't write the "further rationalization" post.