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Reign of Terror and the Heart of Israel

This article arises from attempts to retrive an article, Dwelling of Violence from UK INdymedia.
Reign of Terror

Dwelling of Violence article Id=5631 was stolen 2001. I should never have to repeat this stuff so making it available on page 81 of archives is the most appropriate thing to do.

I am an alien living in the Holy Nation of the Lord of Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc. By stealing my words away you have put off the calamitous day and brought near a reign of terror, the dwelling of violence. Many more will have to fall as Sarah and Jennifer did because of your actions. Sarah and Jennifer were beheaded the professed easy way, by a woodchipper. Many more will fall. Their bodies will lie like refuse on the open field. Food for the beasts of the earth and the birds of the air. God has promised to open the graves of the Israelites who have already fallen. Their heads along with others who fall will become the idols of the Israelites. They will be revived on the second day and restored on the third day to live before Him. They will rule the earth for a thousand years. Like many of my writings this and the Dwelling of Violence interpret the Bible. My belongings have been plundered many times leaving me with a small percentage of my writings to work with. Prompt return of this article would be appreciated. There should be no more delay. Bobby Meade Israel Deaf Messenger

Brat, Bastard, Kid from Hell?
25.10.2006 23:34

Thirty copies of Brat, Bastard, Kid from Hell have been left on the hill in Ithaca as a tribute to the Great King in waiting, George Herbert Bush, the coprophagic lawless one, that is, he has a serious head wound, in this 1997 article he does not die, but serves as the living King of the Israel of the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer. Thank you for the comment.

26.10.2006 19:50

The Israelites believe that the male and female sex symbols combine perfectly with the prophesized number 666, with the curve in the tangents representing a deviation from the norm of sexuality and the three sixes represent the three types of gay people, the male homosexual, the female homosexual, and the bisexual; thus the Heart of Israel is a heart-shaped earth with the sexualized number, 666, in the center of it. The slogan that accompanies it is Stop AIDS, Save the Gays. Although the real reason is to save the gays from God's decree of death for the gays, it should help stop AIDS if AIDS is really Anthrax. This Heart will carry the glory and the salvation of the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer to the ends of the earth. The Israelites also believe that God wants gay foreheads stamped 666, or there would be no mention of forehead stamps in the Bible. Meanwhile the King-in-waiting, George Herbert Bush, the uncrowned King of Babylon, the Man of Lawlessness, the lawless Jacob, and maybe the First Beast of Revelation 13, he is probably in Houston being pursued by windstorms of Jehovah, or maybe that is Gad, who is to come with the heads of the people, Israel, a Holy Nation, a people devoted to God. The righteous Israelites have perished from the land. There is no one left doing good, they are all alike corrupt. Those who go looking for Israel, become Israel, and they will be taken captive and be taken abroad to declare the majesties of the one who called them out of the darkness into His wonderful light. It is said that the look on their faces will betray them. It should also be known that the seal of God is the seal of "Bill", my friend Bill, the true Jacob through whom God is ruling to the ends of the earth. The scepter of God will also be the "Bill" scepter, which will travel with the House of Jacob to claim Judah as God's portion in the Holy Land. George Herbert Bush will lead this expedition whether he be dead or alive. "If we had a King, what could he do for us?" That's what the Israelites awaiting salvation under the altar want to know. This is now the time for CYRUS to arrive. Cyrus, the Lord's annointed whose right hand He takes hold of to go subduing nations and stripping kings of their armor to rebuild Jerusalem and much more. Cyrus will call fire from heaven and make the prophesized number a reality. Cyrus will see that King of All The Earth, George Herbert Bush sets up shop in Bethel. God says do not go to Bethel. As I pedal the mountainous region of Ephraim on my new red Cannondale I carry two articles, Love Festivals of Hooterville and Israel, A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken. I give her my love. That's all I do. Bobby Meade Israel Deaf Messenger

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