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Oaxaca Presente!

When: Wednesday, November 1, 2pm.
Where: Multnomah County Justice Center (SW 3rd and Main), Room 4
Who: Bolivarian Media Exchange of the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
What: Solidarity with Oaxacan Solidarity Activists Arrested at the Mexican Consulate on October 31, 2006!
Oaxacan solidarity activists Nikki Thanos and Mateo Berneal locked themselves to the door of the Mexican Consulate in Portland yesterday, and were arrested and charged with first degree criminal michief. Their arraignment is today, please show up in solidarity. After the arraignment, there will be a march to the Mexican Consulate (1234 SW Morrison St) where we will begin a vigil from 4-6pm in observance and protest of the state repression in Oaxaca City, Mexico. Evening vigils will take place until Wednesday-Friday of this week from 4-6pm at the Mexican Consulate.