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The following is a partial list of those assassinated and wounded in Oaxaca compiled and distributed by a Sins Fronteras comrade at today's action.
Local police tried to remove protesters who had since 22 May occupied the center of the city. Media reports claim that at least four died in the clash--a report denied by local authorities.

Three Indigenous members of MULTI (Independant Unifying Movement of the Triqui Struggle) were shot to death near Putla. Radio reported that the Triquis, who belonged to both MULTI and APPO were on their way to a meeting. They were killed by unknown shooters in an ambush on Highway 125 Putla de Gurrerro-Santiago Juxtlahuaca, in the Mixtec region. Andres Santiago Cruz, one of those killed, was a municipal agent of Paraje Perez and a member of the Commission for Vigilance and Safety of the APPO* in the Zoccalo community. The two other's murdered were Pedro Martinez Martinez, 70, a MULTI leader and a young boy, Octavio Martinez Martinez, age 12.

The APPO convoked a march to demand the release of Torres Pereda and Mendoza Nube. Around 12,000 people marched toward the occupied CORTV station when they were ambushed on a narrow stretch of Morelos Avenue around 7;15 pm. Gunmen shot from both sides of the street, wounding three people and killing one. Jose Colmenares, a 50 year-old mechanic, had joined the amrch in support of his wife, a junior-high teacher from Ejutla. A gunman ran out to the street and shot Colmenares in the neck and heart. He died minutes later.

APPO adherent Lorenzo San Pablo Cervantes, a 52 year-old public works employee, was murdered in another predawn incursion by government thugs against the radio stations captured by the movement.

Three men in a red van pulled up to a Oaxaca barricade and started shooting. Alejandro Garcia Hernandez, 42, was shot in the head and killed instantly. Wounded was Antonio Joaquin Benitez, 19.

Panafilo Hernandez, a 48 year-old teacher, was gunned down while walking along a street as he left an APPO meeting in the municipality of San Luis Beltran. He died minutes later at a hospital.

A man dies after unidentified gunmen opened fire on a radio station occupied by protesters in Oaxaca. Hospital sources say one man died of gunshot wounds. Protesters said that two others were abducted by the attackers.


Esteban Zurrita, a resident of Oaxaca, was shot dead.

Bradley Roland Will, 36, of NYC, was shot in the abdoman and died later at a Red Cross hospital.

The bullet ridden body of Emilio Alonso Fabian is found 3km from thast days street clash.

Social Security Institute worker Roberto Lopez Hernandez and nurse and APPO safety Commission Member Jorge Alberto Beltran are both killed.

*APPO=Popular People's Assembly of Oaxaca.

La Lucha Sigues,
Marlena Gangi