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The Reality of Wizardry

for the spin doctors
sort of what God looks like
sort of what God looks like
The Reality of Wizardry


Good day. Patience be with us all.

Master spin-doctors will be best served when aware of the fated nature of all motion. This letter, itself, as an example- knowing that I am not choosing to write, but instead, am acting as a conduit of the eternal motion that has no beginning.

It is when one is humble that they emanate the consciousness of the whole (which is the singular soul of love)... so, if all is love then what is that stuff that trys to make like it is not love? It is the adventure that love has given itself- to blind itself of its nature so it may have the adventure of finding itself... mayhaps members of your order are already aware of some of this?

So, with humility there can be no trauma that cannot be seen objectively and with patience there is no trauma that can overwhelm one's access to humility. It is by nature that, once one objectifies hate (seeing its absurdity), they cannot be hated.

When all the cards are on the table the transcendent invariably outshines all the ignorance and darkness put together. So, any who would test this, to the end will try to believe that redemption is impossible and flail in a downward spiral causing as much disruption as possible in the attempt to separate themself from God... which is funny because they are a piece of God doing the only thing, by the nature God has given them, that they can do... so, apparently, the devil hates God because destiny cannot be altered.

When one understands that whatever will be will be they no longer have the ability to fear or hate, and then they shine and those around them go crazy or take on the shine themselves- giving much opportunity to those who would enjoy the responsibility of being superheroes to save the world and bring it to a wise place where the forests echo with laughter.

Again, invariably, we all get what's coming to us.


Patience be with us all.

in unavoidable divinity,

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada


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