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Required Reading: Scenarios for US War on Iran

I recently came across this deeply researched paper on scenarios for a US/Israel war on Iran. It goes into some detail on the American and Israeli objectives and offensive tactics and Iranian weapons and defensive tactics. It reminds the reader that Iran is well-armed, rested and ready. I have attached the article in PDF format.

I was also struck to the core by this article (
 link to www.antiwar.com , and posits that Bush's air war on Iran will cut the rest of the world off from the (currently vital) energy supplies of the region, destroying the global economy and risking the slaughter of the US military in Iraq. It is strangely silent on the possible use of nuclear weapons by the United States.

(As most of us know, Iran has no nuclear weapons. See and hear this interview with former weapons inspector Scott Ritter:  http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=06/10/16/144204 )

All of this also reminded me of an article I read about a 2002 US war game staging a 2007 US war on Iran called "Millennium Challenge 2002" (  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennium_Challenge_2002 ). During the "game", though both "sides" were being played by 13,000 American military forces, the Iranian side "won" because of the leadership of the US general in command. Military brass was unhappy with the results, so they re-wrote the rules and the American side was guaranteed their rightful victory.
station 31.Oct.2006 20:49


WHere will the soldiers come from? John Kerry, who wanted an aditional 40000 troops for Iraq just told you. Do good at university, cuz you will not like miltary service under Bush's/Kerry's banner.

College kids are expemt from selective service/the draft. Did kerry spill the beans about a draft on the horizon, which he knows about and obviously supports?

iran war will be air based 31.Oct.2006 22:19

not a lot of soldiers

the us war on iran will be by air, without sending armies into the country. the article posits that the us military in iraq will be cut off from its fuel and food supplies and be surrounded by a massive shia uprising.