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PLDN: 2 arrests downtown

Police are trying to cut the locks of two protesters, who are blocking the front door of the Mexican Consulate. It is believed that these two will be arrested. The number for recog is 503-988-3893. It is unknown if these two have or will give their names to police (so if you are calling recog, it is something you might want to know first). Most likely they will be booked and released from the Justice Center downtown. How long will this take? Maybe 6 hours maybe more.. They will be released most likely, long after the office closes to get their property back so they will need help with not having keys, money, a belt, shoelaces, and most likely a way home.

The Portland Legal Defense Network would be happy to help find attorney's to represent these two. Email us at  pldn@lists.riseup.net.

Please also email if you witness anything else from this demo.. any police misconduct..arrests.. if tickets are issued.. or if you have any questions.
So now whats up 31.Oct.2006 18:41


So is there any word on whats going on! Please post for those of us who cant call to find out

update 31.Oct.2006 20:23

pldn rep

i just stopped by the jail and learned that the two people arrested were still in custody as of about 8pm. they are charged with "criminal mischief 1" and i believe some of their comrades were scraping up the funds to bail them out pending araignment on wednesday.

i asked them to call me when/if their comrades are released so i can post the information here and help them get connected with legal representation.

Correction? 31.Oct.2006 22:14


heard it was criminal mischief 4th degree but could be mistaken...?