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PDX Action to Defend Oaxaca TUES 10.31.06

this came to me via e-mail. if anyone is intrested in helping me organize a bilingual dia de los muertos memorial (nov 2-3) that will include brad will and others killed--eudocia olivera diaz, esteban zurita lopez y emiliano alfonso fabian--gimme a holla:

marlena gangi
Stop the Federal Police Invasion
Protest the State-Sponsored Murder of U.S. Journalist Brad Will

Tuesday, October 31st from 4-6pm
Mexican Consulate (1234 SW Morrison St, Portland)

Call the consulate all week at (503) 274-1442. Demand:

* An end to the Federal Police invasion of Oaxaca. Portland supports the
Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO).

* A full and complete investigation by Mexican authorities into Oaxaca
State Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz's continued use of plain-clothed
municipal police as a political paramilitary force.

***More actions may be announced***
Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC)
and Cross Border Labor Organizing Council (CBLOC)
311 N. Ivy St., Portland, Oregon 97227
Tel: 503-236-7916 Cell: 971-227-3527
E-mail:  info@pcasc.net www.pcasc.net

homepage: homepage: http://molotovmojada.blogspot.com

oooh damn 29.Oct.2006 20:31

Generation Betrayed

I have Court at that time.

also on monday 29.Oct.2006 21:02

revolucionari@ del sureste

other folks will be at the consulate tomorrow (monday) at 11am -

Seattle Monday at 6pm Portland Tuesday! 29.Oct.2006 21:12

Media Island mediaisland@riseup.net

Maybe this warrants Portland folks coming to Seattle Monday and Seattle folks getting to Portland tuesday. Us Olyfolk may want to do both...

I will be there both Monday and Tuesday 29.Oct.2006 21:37


I will be at the Mexican Consulate on both Monday (at 11am) and tuesday. I will be coming from work, and so will not have any signs or anything. But I will have my voice. If anyone else cares to be there with me on Monday, I'll see you there. I'd love the company.

So what time what day? 29.Oct.2006 23:33


So, what time and day?

6 pm would be good 29.Oct.2006 23:55


Many ar gathering at6:00 pm, I have court tomorrow too, but i plan on being there.

IS that 6pm Mon or Tues? 30.Oct.2006 15:15


...cause I wanna be there.

International day 30.Oct.2006 18:38


Hey, there is a call to do demostrations to support the APPO all around the world on wednesday. I am in Eugene and I'll joing you on wednesday afternoon, hopfuly whit some others


All day all the time :-) 30.Oct.2006 18:43


Todays demos were at 11am and 6pm, with some people dropping by all day. Tomorrow, the action is planned for 4pm. That should be a bigger and better-organized demo, as planning is going on as we speak at Liberty Hall. Marcos is calling for resistance and solidarity on November 1, and also on November 20th.

I am I crazy? 31.Oct.2006 11:41


I found 1234 SW Morrison to be an overpass. Is it on 12th?

DRESS WARM!!! 31.Oct.2006 13:55


Dress warm for the protest tonight, it will be around 26 degrees!