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I Knew Brad

I knew Brad, but not well,
I Knew Brad

By Lloyd Hart

I knew Brad, but not well, I met him over at the Walker street studio where Lenny Charles sheltered the NYC Indymedia Video collective when the growing pains at NYC Indymedia created factional fighting.

Warcry, Justin, Brad and many others at the NYC Indymedia video collective were a real inspiration to me. Brad and his colleagues filmed and exposed stories that not only made the power elites uncomfortable but that also made the liberal progressives within our own ranks uncomfortable. In other words Brad and his colleagues were exposing the truth regardless of where the chips landed.

Brad wasn't in it for the politics as we have discovered so many to be. Brad was in it for the sense of liberation that exposing truth brings to a story.

I remember his passion for capturing on film and what was important to get in front of the nations eye balls.

I was talking to Lenny Charles today and he was remembering Brad's excitment about going to Mexico to cover the revolt bubbling up from Mexican people.

I really just want to offer my deepest heart felt condolences to Brad's family and friends at their loss and to say Brad did not die in vain. He gave his life for the sake of truth and freedom in the most powerful meaning of those words.

I did not know brad well. All I did know is he was an inspiration to me.

Brad, may you have good journey to your next destination on your path to the truth.

Lloyd Hart

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