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Government Violence in Oaxaca, IMCista shot dead by police

According to reports from Radio APPO, La Jornada and Centro de Medios Libre, the Mexican federal police (PFP) and trucks loaded with paramilitaries have begun an assault on the city which has been held by the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) for over 5 months. It has been confirmed that New York City Indymedia reporter Brad Will has been shot in the chest and killed, while Oswaldo Ramírez, photographer for Milenio Diario, has also been shot and is injured.

According to a post at CML at 23:06 local time the murderer of Brad Will has been identified as Pedro Carmona, a paramilitary who was the mayor of neighboorhood of Felipe Carrillo Puerto de Santa Lucía del Camino.

Update: The APPO has confirmed that schoolteacher Emilio Alfonso Fabián has died from three bullet wounds after an attack by shooters for Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

follow updates at nyc-imc and indymedia.org

more information: 1, 2, english | Minuto a minuto (1| 2 )| espanol http://mexico.indymedia.org/oaxaca

Al Giordano, a friend of Brad Will, wrote on Narco News: Tonight, from the Oaxaca City Morgue, Brad Will shouts "Ya Basta!" - Enough Already! - to the death and suffering imposed by an economic system, the capitalist system. His death will be avenged when that system is destroyed. And Brad Will's ultimate sacrifice exposes the Mexican regime for the brutal authoritarian violence that the Commercial Media hides from the world, and thus speeds the day that justice will come from below and sweep out the regimes of pain and repression that system requires. Brad gave his life tonight so that you and I could know the truth. We owe him to act upon it, and to share the risks that he took.