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Paul Loney Green candidate for state representative District 46

The Portland Metro chapter of the Pacific Green party urges residents of district 46 to attend a candidates forum involving PGP state congressional candidate Paul Loney and his opponent Democrat Ben Cannon.

Tonight Wednesday, Oct. 25, 7:00 PM, at the Bipartisan Cafe, 7901 SE Stark.
Paul says......

I am an attorney and activist. I am seeking to connect the voters in my district with the platform and positions of the Pacific Green Party.
I believe that voters are seeking a better way for our government to operate. Our state government can do a better job of finding sustainable solutions to the problems previous state legislatures have ignored. I have been involved with Neighborhood Associations in and around this district since 1992. I believe in the power of citizen activists.

Together we can create a better Oregon.

Pacific Green ideas can bridge the gap between urban and rural. Pacific Green ideas will result in win-win solutions. Pacific Green ideas can result in a renewed connection between voters and their state government.

-Paul Loney

Please come show your support for alternatives to our "one party two wing system".
Wow! 25.Oct.2006 15:17


We've got some kickass activist lawyers in Portland, and Paul is one of the most kickass-est. Anyone who's ever been unjustly grabbed off the streets by the SS knows this guy, along with Stu Sugarman, also a knight.

I'd be there, but I'm out of town. Awwww. But you've got my vote, for whatever votes are worth....

Brian the Green 26.Oct.2006 12:31

I wish, wish, wish I had someone as good as Paul to vote for

Unfortunately, there are no Greens running in my district.

Maybe 26.Oct.2006 13:46


I have said for sometime that I would never vote again. However I would vote for Paul, for whatever it might accomplish.