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Pics show german soldiers in Afghanistan `playing´ with a skull

Germanys biggest boulevard-newspaper "BILD" today printed photos showing german soldiers in Afghanistan showing a skull for trophy and fixing it to a patrol car. Among these pics also one showing a soldier trying to stick his penis into the skull.
Germanys minister for defense as well as the government condemns the action of the soldiers. The responsible soldiers were already found and will be accused at a military court as well as supposedly at a civil court.

The skull seems to be from a mass grave about 1o miles from Kabul.

source: the german newspaper "BILD", yahoo news
Hyuck Hyuck Hyuck 25.Oct.2006 11:01

Deiter Deutschdoo

Those ca-raaazy Germans, at it again.

Link? 27.Oct.2006 04:40


Let's have a link! I wanna see a buncha volunteer military jerks engaged in skull fucking!! In fact, it give me a great halloween idea!