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Does Karl Rove Know Something We Don't Know

In an interview with NPR's Scott Simon, Karl Rove spoke with total confidence that the Republicans would hold on to both the Senate and the House and that Bush policies would continue to prevail.
He says that the polls he is looking at show him that this is so. Does he know something that we don't know--does he have a firm handle on a secret machinery of electronic vote manipulations, expunged voters, and provisional ballots around the country that will keep the Repugs in power? Will there be no ousting of the Republican hold on Congress and therefore no investigations into his and other White House thieves' major crimes?

Karl Rove is full of shit 25.Oct.2006 01:04


If the democrats don't win this next election in a landslide then anyone in the country who doesn't think the republicans are fixing elections has their heads so far up their asses they'll never get them out.

A Clue 25.Oct.2006 08:14

who know?

Report: 10 States Face Voting Problems
Here in the United States, a new report from the monitor group ElectionLine.org is warning ten states are at risk of major voting problems in next month's mid-term elections. The report says balloting could be complicated by a combination of uncertain voting machine technology and confusion over procedures. The report concludes: "The Nov. 7 election promises to bring more of what voters have come to expect since the 2000 elections: a divided body politic, an election system in flux, and the possibility if not certainty of problems at polls nationwide."

Maintaining power is a full-time job... 25.Oct.2006 08:37

Pravda or Consequences

The mindset in control right now is a mix of religious zealotry and psychopathology.

They are not going down without a fight because they don't think we don't have the where-with-all to take them down.

My solution is:

1) Form worker-owned collectives to establish sovereignty

2) Vote for a congress that will:

a) Create a constitutional amendment that balances the federal budget except in time of declared war or national disaster (we will eliminate war, but first things first)

b) Create a constitutional amendment that restricts lobby influence using $ for any reason. Lobbyists can stand in line outside the offices just like the rest of us.

c) Term limits just like the president.

d) Create a constitutional amendment that allows for national petitions.

e) Create a constitutional amendment that eliminates any kind of voting that doesn't include a paper trail that records every vote and a way to audit without invading privacy.

Debate the merits all you want but the status quo is broken whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

what they want. 26.Oct.2006 19:06

this thing here

what karl rove knows that we don't know is what it takes to crush opposition and maintain control.

what they are trying to do has nothing to do with winning the elections on nov. 7, 2006. that really isn't the key benefit to the republicans.

the key benefit to the republicans is the psychological blow to all who vote against them. the crushing psychological blow a republican "win" will create, when poll after poll shows they are projected to lose, when i think it's fair to say a big majority of americans KNOW, without looking at a poll, that it's time to throw the fuckers out. and to wake up the morning of nov. 8 to find that it hasn't happened. i know i for one will just about tear my hair out and go crazy.

you see, what they want is the complete marginalization of opposing ideas, leaders, and ideologies. and frankly, there's no better way to do this than to crush it at the polls. "you mean 60% of americans wanted the republicans thrown out, and yet the republicans took 60% of the vote?" think about what that would do to the morale of the 60% of americans who actually voted against the republicans. it would be incomplrehensible. "if we couldn't win now, how will we ever?" AND THAT'S WHAT THE REPUBLICANS/RIGHT WING WANTS - THE COMPLETE MARGINALIZATION AND EVENTUAL DEATH OF ALL OF LEFT/PROGRESSIVE AMERICA.

do they actually have to WIN fairly on nov.7? OF COURSE NOT. APPEARANCE IS ENOUGH.

that's why you better believe that electronic voting machines will hacked and vote totals switched; voter registration databases hacked and erased; numerous, completely onerous and illegal "voter i.d." delaying tactics at the polls; numerous, completely illegal mailings sent to immigrant and minority communities threatening them if they vote, or offering false directions to polling places, or false date and times for voting.

you want a really really good indication that, for instance, electronic voting machine vote totals will be hacked? look no further than florida, where thankfully a federal judge has thrown out an effort by the republican party to hamper exit polling. the mere fact that the republican party in florida wants to interfere with exit polling just says it ALL. no more exit polls completely the reverse of who wins and who loses, causing people to raise questions about voting machines.

all of this to crush the spirit of opposition, and once the sprit is crushed, eventually the actual opposition itself will just disappear. so they think. but that's what we're all witness to. IT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES.