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How Low Can They Go: Rush Limbaugh assails Michael J. Fox for his Parkinson Disease

Rush Limbaugh accused Michael J. Fox of exaggerating the physical effects of Parkinson's disease.
Just when you thought guttersnipe Ann Coulter's descent into the sewer by insulting women who lost children and husbands in the 9/11 World Trade Center attack was the lowest, Rush Limbaugh one downs her.

So, how low can Republicans go? This low and they will probably get a whole lot lower before November 7th. Knowing that their days are numbered, they will go to any and all lengths to insult, defame and degrade anyone that poses a threat to their power. On his Tuesday show, Limbaugh said that Michael J. Fox was acting while showing the signs of Parkinson Disease. Limbaugh was responding to a political ad Fox had produced in favor of a candidate that supports Stem Cell research. The fact is, uncontrolled shaking and stiffness are among the symptoms of the nerve disease.

If this isn't the most shameful thing that anyone could accuse someone of suffering from the affects of a disease, I don't know what is. It appears nothing is off limits in politics these days. Disagreeing with an individual's politics doesn't seem to be enough for the GOP, they must levy attacks on their health conditions as well. Sad really.

I am curious though--does the local carrier of the Rush Limbaugh Show, 1190AM KEX, support such outrageous personal attacks on people by host of shows that air on their station. Someone should ask them.

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The Michael J. Fox ad can be viewed here:  http://claireonline.com/multimedia/ads/MichaelJFox.jsp

homepage: homepage: http://dharmavision.org

He's mixing up illnesses 26.Oct.2006 11:32

Toe Tag

Rush thinks that since *he* stops shaking after he pops his little pills, it must work the same for someone with Parkinson's.

The Rush of Vicodin 27.Oct.2006 12:47


Interesting that a drug user and convicted felon thinks he is correct in making personal attacks on a person with an incurable debilitating disease. Rush, you are the cause of your illness, not everyone has that luxury. Shame on KEX for continuing to support this type of total moral decay. Here is the link to email Program Director of KEX Mike Dirkx and let him know you will not support him or his station as long as they continue to support Limbaugh.


Shake it Up! 31.Oct.2006 16:19

juan durer