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Fire at Alberta Co-op

Fire in the walls at the Alberta Co-op, 1500 NE Alberta. Co-op and apartments above it evacuated, firefighters from four engine companies on scene as of 10 pm.
Fire at the Alberta Co-op tonight - when we arrived just before 10, four engine companies were on scene and smoke was pouring out of the east wall in the front.

Firefighters chopped through some of the siding and Tyvek sheathing on the northeast side of the building and doused the fire with water, then ripped off more siding and sheathing to vent the smoke. Several firefighters climbed to the roof with a chain saw, ostensibly to vent more smoke and heat through the roof.

Speculation is that it was an electrical fire, and the Co-op is fortunate that it was detected during business hours so the fire apartment was alerted earlier. No estimates on damage or how long the co-op will be closed.
I hope 24.Oct.2006 22:35


I hope that one of the first things the coop folk do is tell us how we can help the coop through this.

The Alberta Coop has rocked my world so much I can't begin to describe it.

How can we help?

Wow! 25.Oct.2006 00:43

loyal customer

I was just there only an hour earlier, shopping away and having a great conversation about the coop with one of the employees--I wish I could have been of some assistance to prevent it somehow. How odd!! Let's hope insurance covers loss of business as a result, along with physical damage.

Anymore details? 25.Oct.2006 08:20

Damn Age

Hey, trying to find out anything about the damage at the coop, and not one local fish wrapper or media station could givafuk enough to even mention the fire. Anybody have any more info?

no biggie 25.Oct.2006 10:03

alberta area resident

I was in the co-op when it was evacuated by the fire dept. last night and stuck around for a while for all the hoopla. It was a really tiny fire, although it certainly could have spread.

The department hosed the fire area down, which appeared to lead to A TON of H20 being sprayed into the coop (which did WAY more damage then the tiny fire).

Went by this morning: the coop was "closed this morning till noon". The irregularly shaped 6' x 5' hole the fire deptartment chopped into the wall of the building to put out the fire was covered in protective tape.

Coop is open again! 25.Oct.2006 11:07

Sexy Coop worker

Come see our new beautiful east facing skylight and enjoy our new smoke scented storewide airfreshner. We're proud to offer these new amenities for your coop shopping enjoyment.

Yours Truly,
Super sexy coop worker

yay! open!! 25.Oct.2006 14:41

el toro

suiteness :) glad to hear the damage wasn't totally major.