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Dubya's Strategery

Bush's Stratergery For Iraq and the "war on terror."
He has a new slogan now -- "stay the course" has
been replaced by "victory is possible."
Bush the Decider shrugs and says
Bush the Decider shrugs and says "So what!"
Bush's Stratergery For Iraq and the "war on terror."
He has a new slogan now -- "stay the course" has
been replaced by "victory is possible."

Pack up your suitcases George, your outta here!

It is time to end your "war on terror" and your torture program
for "enemy combatants" -- including the domestic variety.

It is time to take your attack dogs, your electrodes and shock
treatments, your water boards, your ceiling shackles, your
cigarette burnings, your wire whips, your sleep deprivation,
your hancuffs and leg shackles, your tortuous music, etc., and
relegate them to the scrap heap.

Bush's Torture Program (along with his al CIAduh terrorists),
is nothing more than a modern version of torture programs
conducted by all European empires in earlier times, who used
the rack, the rag and water torture, and other devices in use
at the time -- against the "common masses" -- the "peasants
and lower classes" -- who finally got fed up, rebelled, and
dragged the whining, sniveling and squealing "elite" from their
castles and churches, and gave them the justice they deserved.
In their foolish arrogance the so-called elite of today forget that
this could result in similar actions when the masses finally get
fed up with the oppression and rebel.

On CNN (Compliant News Network), you were like a child throwing
a temper tantrum over a lollipop, when you ranted and raved,
demanding that the U.S. Congress approve your torture policy
so that it can "go forward."

We know that you and the other "elite" are fearful of us, while
you all pretend to ignore how the masses really feel. Perhaps
you should head back to Texas -- that is, if a village somewhere
in Texas is willing to take their missing village idiot back.

In February 2003, you sent your oreo Colin Powell to lie to people,
claiming that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the WTC
collapse -- then claiming that is was Saddam Hussein who was
responsible for 9/11 -- and then a new whopper, that Osama and
Saddam were united in their "war against the U.S."

The "evidence" you presented was obtained by the al CIAduh
terrorists torturing Arab men -- and who would "confess" by
telling the spooks what they wanted to hear (to stop the pain),
such as the lie that Saddam Hussein was teaching and supplying
Osama and al Qaeda with biological and chemical weapons.

As a result, over 650, 000 Iraqi people have been murdered by the
U.S. military, by Blackwater, Inc., and other mercenaries.
Not to mention the vastly understated death toll of U.S. troops,
which the Pentagon claims is now 2,808.

Your cowardly bluster is evident when you tell the U.S. public that
your torture program for the empire's citizens is necessary because it
was successful in preventing "Iraq and/or Afghan terrorist attacks in
Your latest crusading effort is doomed to failure....make no mistake
about it.

The U.S. public, and people around the world realize that you
will not give up the throne, it's obvious since you have made
it legal for presidents to serve more than two terms, you have
done away with the Posse Comitatus Act, along with new laws
and policies -- which only serve to benefit the state.

If we throw sticks, will all of you go away?
Yes George, it is time for you to saddle up and ride out of Dodge.
If you are still having delusional fantasies of being successful in
your war against "domestic terrorists" or "illegal enemy combatants"
-- well, perhaps you should wish in one hand and shit in the other,
and see which hand fills up first.

So, George, it is time for you to go -- like to your underground
bunker(s), or to your recently acquired acreage in northern
Perhaps the crown prince of Saudi Arabia can hold your hand
again as he leads you there.
And don't forget to take Condoleezza "I don't know nothin' 'bout
no yellow cake uraniums" Rice, Dick "I only shoot birds" Cheney,
Alberto "Speedy" Gonzales, Rumsfeld, and others of your cabal
with you when you go.

And don't y'all come back, heah!
Please note... 24.Oct.2006 20:30


that BUSH -- BS = UH !! That sounds like his strategery, to me!! Good post!!