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Washington Co Deputies Carry Sub Machine Guns?

The "home invasion" suspect who was shot and killed by a Washington County Deputy has been identified.
A twenty year old, self described "peace loving liberal," has been identified as the subject who was shot by a Washington County Deputy.
Deputies fatally shot Jordan Laird Case, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, after he was chased from the victim's apartment, where he had entered, and allegedly threatenned the woman and her family.
The woman Case threatened said he told her he was high on "magic" mushrooms. Now for the really frightenning part of the report: A deputy shot and killed Case as he tried to grab a submachine gun from the deputy's car, according to WCSO Sgt. David Thompson.
What the fuck would a deputy be doing with a fucking sub machine gun in his car? Didn't they pepper Lukus Glenn's parents' home enough with just conventional weapons? Geez, nobody within a mile of an incident where these goons respond with their arsenal could possibly be safe. Anybody who has ever seen these assholes in action with an automatic weapon knows this to be true.
Hello 24.Oct.2006 18:28

Generation Betrayed

I believe cops around here, probaly in other places as well, were issued MP5's quite awhile ago. I could be wrong, but if I remember correctly thats the story. If you arent sure what an MP5 is, its a submachine gun that special forces have used commonly, and it shoots 9mm bullets. At least they arent using UMPs, which is pretty much the same thing, but it uses .45 cal bullets. Yeah, I know. They shouldnt have them. Automatic rifles and submachine guns became more popular among the law enforcment after that infamous bank robbery in California. It was only two to five years ago then when our cops picked up the MP5s. Again, I could be wrong.

What if... 26.Oct.2006 17:16

R Guile

What happens if anywhere on earth, criminals start getting ahold of suitcase nukes? What then, will Washington County cops insist they need ICBMs???