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Tactical nukes on US Base in Iraq detonates???

US has nukes in Iraq
I just saw this and it's frankly frightening.

How stupid can people be 24.Oct.2006 14:59


If that had been a "nuke" it would have blown the rest of the fire out. Ever seen a nuclear test video? You know where the wind blows everything down? Get a grip

Well at first it grabbed me 24.Oct.2006 19:41


Well like it was said "tactical nuke" which I would be much smaller than the big ones. But I realize now that it's probably not because there would have been a EMP pulse that would have taken out lights in area and camera.

I think the one thing that makes it look bigger than it is, is the night vision on the camera.

Even still 24.Oct.2006 19:43


Pretty much shows that the war in Iraq is just getting worse every day. From the looks of it, the US military had probably millions of dollars in weapons destroyed.

nuclear not the way you are thinking about 24.Oct.2006 19:49

andrea pdx

my partner who served for 10 years in the military, gave me the opinion that conventional mutions can generate a mushroom like cloud phenomena if there is an intense amount of heat released as happened in the ammo dump explosions

however, I've also read a comment about the video that makes your nuclear concern still relevant. The blog comment was that according to the writer there is a coloration of some of the explosions that would indicate that depleted uranium munitions were being set off at the dump site.

so one must wonder about the fall out from the explosions effecting our military personel near the dump as well as iraqi civilians

what caught my attention is that in one of the camrecorder videos that were shot by our military personel watching the explosions you can hear someone ask "hey are there any chemical weapons?" the reply to the question is no and someone else says thank god for that.

what i continue to wonder about is if the claims that there were as many of 300 dead and wounded that resulted from this attack will be verified or refuted.

the us military position is that there were no casualties from this incident.

however there are iraqis who are claiming that there were at least 90 iraqi casualties that an Iraqi hospital wound up handling after the incident. There is also a story that there are several iraqi families that who claim that our military is not releasing the bodies of iraqi translators who were killed at the dump site.

additionally, on several arab news sites it was reported that there was considerable medivac activity at the dump site in the hours that followed the incident

I do know that an independent american journalist Dahr Jamail is trying to verify the casualty claims.

streemlined 25.Oct.2006 08:44


They didn't need nukes to kill over 600000. And the military industrial complex wouldn't make as much money supplying nukes as they make supplying other munitions.