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1024 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Tuesday, October 24th, 2006.
1. Andy Stern, head of Oregon's SEIU says unions should get over their "co-dependency" with the Democratic Party. Stern says workers can get with his program by accepting the fact that healthcare benefits and pensions are a thing of the past. (I'd say that Andy ought to be "a thing of the past", and the sooner the better... )
2. Taboo Shmaboo: We drift mindlessly into the dark mystery buried in the deepest caverns of the human cortex. That's where killing comes from. The police -remember when they were called Peace Officers? - Once were forbidden by the law from killing people except when a situation had come to some mortal climax. Yet another police in Springfield, Oregon shot and killed a man. The officer will in all probability sleep soundly, dark water cradling his dreams...
3. Another Kind of NightMayor: The Mayor of Astoria is miffed because he has had his silence suspended. And for what? A third DUII, this one topped off with a collision with another vehicle.
4. Greenland is losing its ice mass at an alarming rate.
5. Jeffrey Skilling, unrepentant, arrogant and unfazed, is appealing his 24 year-plus sentence. And he isn't happy about the ankle bracelet he has to wear while waiting to learn where and when he is to show up to start serving his time.
6. Staying The Course: The brother of NFL-player turned Army Ranger, Pat Tillman has written a scathing indictment of America's unmitigated fiasco in Iraq. Kevin Tillman calls it "an illegal invasion."
7. Barak Obama is cautiously approaching a decision on running for president in 2008. (In two years the Executive Office will be hotter than a two dollar pistol because if the Democrats take back the Senate and or House, they are going to be left holding a bagful of Republican blunders.)
8. Look Out, Paris Hilton! There must be a video floating about in cyberspace: The House Ethics Committee - No, seriously... stop laughing... - questioned Dennis Hastert regarding the antics of Mark Foley.
9. The Justice Department is suing the estate of Ken Lay. The Department - being nothing if not about Justice is trying to get $12 million dollars back in the name of restitution for the poor buggers that lost their life's savings. (Let's see here... $12 million dollars... that's about two days' worth of Staying The Course in Iraq... .)
10. The Democrats should be all over Network Neutrality. Where are they? (Hint 'K' Street... )
11. More than 30 thousand people die from gunshot wounds every year. (Unfortunately not enough of them work for lobbying firms on the aforementioned street in DC.)
12. Ehud Olmert's New Best Friend is the far-right Yisrael Beitenu Party whose dream it is to annex parts of the occupied West Bank. (Hey, if it's okay with AIPAC, then go for it... )
13. After all, maybe the Yisrael Beitenu guys will do a better job of explaining to the world why Israel felt obliged to use white phosphorus on civilian Lebanese...
14. Mohammed el Baradei, head of the IAEA, says he's unconvinced that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, back in North Korea, Kim Jong Il is hopping about waving his Big One in Bush's face. Be that as it may, el Baradei says sanctioning Iran is a bad idea.
15. Things Do Not Necessarily Go Better With Coke: More than 10 thousand former Coca-Cola workers in Venezuela are blockading bottling plants and depots because the Mexican-based subsidiary of Coke owes them a lot of money and unpaid social benefits. The protesters are backed by a special commission in the Venezuelan parliament. The commission consists of leftist MP's who are looking at taking over the firm if it won't pay its workers.
16. Goulash on a Stick: Hungarian police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at thousands of anti-government protesters during the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1965 uprising against Soviet rule.
17. Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad says he doesn't have a problem with the American people, just the American government (The American people have the same problem... ). That's why he has come out against a bill that would require American's visiting Iran to be fingerprinted. The bill was drafted in response to the US policy of fingerprinting Iranian visitors to the US.
18. Ambassador Zalmay Khalizad (Whose palatial and well-fortified embassy should be just about ready by now... ) says that what Iraq needs is a timeline... Thank you, Ambassador...
19. The Hamas-led Palestinian government is urging that the Associated Press reporter who was kidnapped the other day be released immediately (Israel still has some of that white phosphorus left over from its attack on Lebanon...
20. The Cuban National Assembly President Ricardo 'Don't call me President' Alarcon has pointed out to the world community that the senseless US blockade harms European trading partners as well as his tiny Caribbean nation.

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