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New Mexico Legislators Ask President Bush, FDA's Von Eschenbach to rescind Aspartame

New Mexico Legislators Ask President Bush, FDA Commissioner Von Eschenbach, and Health Secretary Michael Leavitt to rescind the FDA approval for Aspartame, the Artificial Sweetener metabolized as Methanol and Formaldehyde
Press Release:  http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2006/10/emw453464.htm
New Mexico Legislators Ask President Bush, FDA Commissioner Von Eschenbach, and Health Secretary Michael Leavitt to rescind the FDA approval for Aspartame, the Artificial Sweetener metabolized as Methanol and Formaldehyde

Press Release:  http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2006/10/emw453464.htm


Dr. Von Eschenbach's nomination vote is going to be the last opportunity, perhaps, for Aspartame victims, their physicians and their lawyers to voice their concerns through the United States Senate, and to cause the Senate to require that Aspartame's approval be rescinded.

The USA has not had an FDA Director for 10 years, except for two months.

Dr. H.J. Roberts and Dr. Betty Martini have already devoted time to educating the members of the US Senate Health Subcommittee about the medical effects of Aspartame, the real truth, not the perpetuation of further multinational corporate lies. One has responded significantly: Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico. Others reply with form letters, "Thank you for sharing your concerns," etc., hardly a sufficient response given the gravity and impact of the medical effects of these artificial sweeteners and the epidemiological scale thereof.

It is now long overdue for all Americans who want to see Aspartame's FDA approval rescinded
to write detailed letters to their United States Senators, demanding that the vote for
Dr. Von Eschenbach be predicated upon a condition that he agree to rescind the approval for

Why not? This is precisely the opposite strategy that G.D. Searle used to force the approval of Aspartame in 1981 for fiscal gain for the CEO thereof, Donald Rumsfeld.

What we are saying now is to rescind the approval of Aspartame, for no one's fiscal gain, just to protect the health of Americans, and all of the other nations which have suffered the medical damage from Aspartame thus far, because they relied on the mythology that the US FDA's approval process is the most ostensibly stringent in the world.

These letters to United States Senators must be precise and detailed as to how you personally have suffered from Aspartame. We need as many letters as possible from physicians treating the victims of aspartame poisoning in so many cities.

Letters to Republican Senators must clarify that they must rise above the partisan concerns reflected in the fact that it is their President's choice for Secretary of Defense that forced the approval for Aspartame in 1981, and again in 1983 over all of the objections of even the Soft Drink Association!

No USA Secretary of Defense has ever done anything like Mr. Rumsfeld's forcing the approval for Aspartame, when he and G.D. Searle knew fully well that it would be metabolized as formaldehyde and methanol, and two unessential amino acids: not George Marshall, not Robert McNamara, not Clark Clifford, notEliot Richardson not Melvin Laird, , not James Schlesinger, not Harold Brown, not Caspar Weinberger, not Richard Cheney, not William Perry, and not William Cohen!

Even before the Defense Department was created, no USA Secretary of War ever waged biochemical warfare on 70% of our own population!

To force FDA approval in 1981 for a chemical that was considered in 1979 a biochemical warfare agent: it is unspeakable.

To make an agreement with Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes, a physician who was conducting experiments on military prisoners with mind destroying drugs to approve Aspartame as a condition for his nomination being put before Ronald Reagan, to be the FDA Commissioner in charge of a trillion dollar food and drug economy, fully 25% of the USA economy: this is unspeakable.

All we are trying to do is get it off the market, through rescinding the FDA approval.

To ignore or be indifferent to this imperative, to write to your United States Senator, whether Republican or Democrat, is to allow the corporate plutocracies to continue to destroy hundreds of millions of our own American citizens. These corporations include Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Wrigley's Gum (manufacturers of Eclipse, Orbit, and most of their aspartame containing products), Altria/Kraft/Phillip Morris, Ajinomoto, and all of the pharmaceutical corporations using aspartame as an artificial sweetener.

Other Nations will not accept our failure in this regard, if the United States Senate fails, for whatever reason, to require that Dr. Von Eschenbach agree to rescind the FDA approval for this chemical.

Many of the cataclysmic events of the past six years that were hostile to the USA could have been avoided if the USA would stop its export of harmful chemical food additives, ultimately destructive pharmaceutical products, and perfidious manipulations by corporate sources of information.

I welcome replies, particularly from those with abilities to translate Medical articles into other languages.

Truly, Thank you.

Stephen Fox