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Video of Gene Sharp on non violent revolution

"Gene Sharp, of the Albert Einstein Institution, discusses the efficacy of strategic nonviolent action in a lecture at the National ... all » Conference on Nonviolent Sanctions and Defense, Royal Sonestra Hotel, Cambridge, MA, USA. February 8-11, 1990"
From Dictatorship To Democracy
From Dictatorship To Democracy
Interesting note to his speech from 190 that he dismisses credit for the Velvet Revolution by US and NATO and properly places the credit on the people as well as credit for the ousting of the British from India on the Indians instead ofthe common "fallacy" that the British were "gentlemen".

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"Gene Sharp, of the Albert Einstein Institution, discusses the efficacy of strategic nonviolent action in a lecture at the National ... all » Conference on Nonviolent Sanctions and Defense, Royal Sonestra Hotel, Cambridge, MA, USA. February 8-11, 1990"

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MP3 lecture from 1983
Gene Sharp Lecture on Civilian-Based Defense

"If ever there was a time by which war should have been abolished, it has passed." So begins this 1983 lecture given by Dr. Gene Sharp at Whittier College in Whittier, CA. The presentation was part of a conference called "Feeling Safe: Exploring Paths to National and International Security" sponsored by the Whittier Institute for International Understanding.

Sharp goes on to ask rhetorically why war continues to be an accepted form of conflict. His answer is that people do not want to helplessly submit to genocide, dictatorial regimes, foreign occupations, cultural usurpations and other forms of injustice so ubiquitous in the modern world, and they see no other way to resist. People require a way to fight for good causes and, even more importantly, to defend themselves and their families against possible enemies. War and violence are the only forms of struggle they trust to defend their way of life.

Civilian-Based Defense, Sharp suggests, may provide an effective nonviolent alternative to military warfare. CBD is based on the insight that power is derived from the obedience and cooperation of people, and no invading army can effectively rule a country whose citizens refuse to support the new regime. Sharp maintains that using nonviolent action is not contrary to human nature (or even animal nature); it builds on our natural capacity to be stubborn, obnoxious and incompetent. He stresses that it is not necessary to be opposed to violence on ethical or religious grounds in order to use nonviolent tactics, just as those who support war don't need to embrace violence as a way of life. In fact, nonviolent action has been used for hundreds of years by ordinary people, and Sharp goes on to cite historical examples of successful or partially successful nonviolent struggles.

Since all previous attempts at nonviolent national defense have been spontaneous, Sharp theorizes that a carefully prepared program could be far more effective. A trained citizenry might be able to multiply the power of nonviolent non-cooperation by ten times. He advocates more research to develop the technique, claiming great strides could be made with just one percent of the Pentagon's budget. In fact, Sharp point out (at the time of the lecture) several smaller European countries were already giving serious consideration to using Social Defense (as they call it) as part of their overall defense strategy.

Sharp concludes his talk by suggesting ways ordinary citizens can begin to raise public consciousness about CBD, and advocates initial steps toward what he calls "transarmament." Some day, Dr. Sharp hopes, we may give up military weapons for the same reason we gave up bows and arrows--not because they were wicked and immoral, but because we had developed a superior weapons system.

Gene Sharp holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in political theory from Oxford University. He is currently Senior Scholar at the Albert Einstein Institution, which he founded in 1983.


"From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation" by Gene Sharp.

Gene Sharp is the founder of the Albert Einstein Institution in Boston. He is a scholar on non-violent change and democratic process. His book was used as the blue print to oust Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia. Otpor, one Serbian opposition group to Milosevic, would spray paint "memes" or planned slogans to generate an atmosphere of collective resistance to the dictator. Otpor also used the tactic of organizing a youth movement via concerts and mass community projects. With lots of finacial help from Soros György (George Soros) and using Gene Sharp's manual opposition in Georgia (the former Soviet Republic) launch the Rose Revolution in November 2003 after election fraud on November 2, 2003. Gene Sharp's book was used again after the fraudulent election in November 2004 by Ukrainian opposition parties against a fraudulent election that supported a Russian backed leader. The Ukrainian revolution was called the Orange Revolution (named for the opposition party color). Using Otpor's techneques from Gene Sharp's book as well as employeeing graffiti artists from their Slavic brethren Ukrainian opposition was armed to combat non-violently the dictatorship. The youth movement, Pora ("its time"), made use of graffiti, polls, memes, stickers, concerts and even composed music. A polling company was used to plant the idea of organized disfavour the Russian backed candidate with carefully worded questions. The book again has been used as a model for democratic process for ousting a dictator in what is generally named the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan during March of 2005.

'The National Endowment for Democracy, which this fiscal year got $60 million from the U.S. Congress, says it has decided to stop funding a
Kyrgyz NGO called Civil Society Against Corruption because of its
pronounced opposition bent. The Civil Society, which in 2003 received a
$25,000 NED grant, is headed by Tolekan Ismailova, a veteran Kyrgyz
human-rights campaigner and opposition activist. Earlier this month, she
organized the local translation and distribution of a 1993 revolutionary
manual used in Serbia, Ukraine and Georgia. The manual, "From Dictatorship to Democracy," was written by Gene Sharp, a political scientist and senior scholar at the Albert Einstein Institution in Boston. It includes tips on nonviolent resistance -- such as "display of flags and symbolic colors" -- and civil disobedience.'

Ripple Effect: In Putin's Backyard, Democracy Stirs -- With U.S. Help ---
Before Kyrgyzstan Elections, Western-Backed Groups Offer Aid to Opposition
--- Mike Stone's Printing Press

By Philip Shishkin
25 February 2005
The Wall Street Journal
(Copyright (c) 2005, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)

link to www.kelkel-kg.org

Recently "From Dictatorship to Democracy" has been translated for the second time in to Farsi (Persian the dominant language of Iran). This book holds valuable inside to the student of geopolitics. I strongly recommend reading it as we watch democratic change happen across Eurasia, Africa and other places in the world.

The book is free online and has been featured on PBS as well.

"From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation" by Gene Sharp
link to www.aeinstein.org

PBS HTML version of "From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual
Framework for Liberation" by Gene Sharp

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