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Pots and Kettles: The Merc goes all "Blogtown"

I'm crushed! I've been roundly chastised for not "following SOP" and citing the Merc as the source of Lt. Wyatt's statement re: the police brutality protest this past Sunday.

What I'd like to know though is this: where did the intrepid Merc reporters learn about the protest in the first place??
Free Speech - NOT!
Free Speech - NOT!
Yes indeed, I surely am just crushed! Or maybe I'm flattered. Imagine me: small town, unedumacated, single mom and hysterical Indy ranter, being "called out" by the "professional" journalists at the Merc. What a joke.

But since the Merc seems to have censored my first reply over there, (but not others - go figure) I'll post my response here.


Posted on BlogTown, where my "comment was received and held for approval by the blog owner":

Well, ya know, I was going to credit the Merc on this (as I always have cited my sources on IndyMedia and elsewhere - but you guys don't mention THAT little fact, do you?), but after all the dismissive and derogatory comments made here about Indy, I figured, "why bother"?

My bad. Looks like you're going to have to take away my press pass.

Oh. That's right. I DON'T HAVE ONE!

And that would be because I'm just some "unhinged" mom up here on the mountain doing this for free, in whatever spare time I can steal. As opposed to you "big-city professional" journalists, who get paid full-time to belittle citizens who dare to speak their minds.

You "pros" do get that, don't you? Apparently not, since you obviously feel the need to tout and defend your alleged journalistic superiority over that of a bunch of ordinary, average people. If "Indymedia ranks so low on [your] credibility meter," it makes YOUR egotistic critiques essentially meaningless.

As for the pot calling the kettle black, a quick search of your website reveals that, on at least one occasion each, neither Ms. Jenniges (see here @:  link to
nor Mr. Moore (see here @:  link to www.portlandmercury.com) felt the need to cite or give credit to their sources. I'm sure I could find more if I had all day, every day, to look. But again, unlike you, I don't.

And, gee, looks like Indy (see here @:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/331328.shtml?discuss) had something on the subject of Amy's above referenced blog post a day before she did. Did she "steal" it from Juan Seguin? Did Juan "steal" it from somewhere else? Who knows? Who cares? At least we know Amy (or anyone else at the Merc) didn't care at the time.

FYI - Indy didn't, um, "call you out" [shit, what a bunch of PUNKS, what is this high school?] simply "for using the word Indymedia" as you so virtuously claim. I wouldn't presume to speak for the entire group there, but I, for one, find your childish taunts ("Indymediasters," "going all Indymedia on you... ") boorish and petty.

So, it's Monday afternoon—deadline crunch time—and the last thing you say you should be doing is starting a flame war by pointing out hypocrisy from Indymedia. But somehow, you managed. What better way to jack up the hits on your site, huh? Nothin like slingin shit to boost your ad prices, right?

Why people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw pots and kettles:

Amy sez - with an unmistaken air of superiority:

"Others ["Indymediasters"] responded in kind, with similarly articulate and smart things to say, like..."

And, to prove her point, her smart, articulate colleague, Matt Davis, writes:

"I repeat: 'Indymedia are a bunch of wankers.' They are total, complete, utter idiots, imbeciles, wallies, wackos and dolts."

(Source: Merc BlogTown) LMFAO

So hey BlogTown! Inquiring minds want to know: Where DID you learn about the protest that you so "scooped" Indy on?

And if you discount the radicals over here on Indy, it's only ethical to stop using us for "YOUR" news. Without us, you'd be at least four blog posts short today. See these at  http://www.portlandmercury.com/blogtown/:

"Indymedia Pot, Meet Indymedia Kettle"
"We Are Killers"
"Chasse case: officer's photo posted saying 'STOP ME BEFORE I KILL AGAIN'"
"50 anti police brutality protestors picket Chief Rosie Sizer's House"
as I said before, it's not like what they write matters 24.Oct.2006 02:36


When I responded to the last article on the mercury you were one on the people on my mind where I wrote: "It is sad to see so many people who have been on the front lines doing reporting on many of the recent police shootings be disparaged but what can you expect from the corporate media."


You've been doing a great job and your article ""Spun" - Mountain Cops in Overdrive" was excellent. I've already sent it to a few people that are not regular readers that I thought would get something from it.

One other thing that really hit me from the article linked above was this quote:

"People who care get made fun of. That is modern cynical life and the reason why the country is slipping into fascism. Cool is everything, substance means nothing and papers like the Mercury lead the way in glorifying this sorry descent."

It's true; people who are passionate and take the time to do work to make the world a better place are always denigrated and disparaged. But that's ok because the work needs to be done. Let the cool kids sling their insults as they always have. Your work makes a difference and it is appreciated by far more than will ever let you know.

We learned of the protest 24.Oct.2006 08:05

Amy Jenniges

At the weekly cop meeting that Matt Davis attends for the Central Precinct. They were discussing preparations for the protest.

interesting admission 24.Oct.2006 12:52


Funny how rigidly the merc reporters want to claim they're not on the ball. I mean if they were really only first hearing about the protest at the police meeting they were way behind what everyone reading portland indymedia would already have known for weeks. Plus, given the number of times the police have been caught in their lies over the past few months it seems like a completely unreliable source of information. But it is good to know where the merc is claiming its information comes from as that should help people evaluate the quality of the information presented.

hmmm 24.Oct.2006 14:01


Yes, Amy Jenniges, Champion of the trivial. Always ready to nitpick the meaningless to avoid anything substantive. She has set herself up in opposition to all the hard working activists who have been involved in social justice issues in the city for years who use this site. She has made herself an opponent of the social/environmental justice movement so I would caution anyone from giving her an interview or assisting with any story she is writing.

Where'd the cops get it Amy? 24.Oct.2006 17:32


OK, you learned about the protest from the "weekly cop meeting." I wonder.... how did the cops find out about it do ya suppose?

Geez, this is easy.

wow, i'll likely never crack open another copy of the mercury 24.Oct.2006 20:25


You know, it's funny, I used to see the Mercury as something of an alternative to the corporate media too. Not for news for sure, they really lack on that. Very weak and fluffy, and not real "news" at all. But I did appreciate some of the local entertainment reporting. I know, mind candy. But I did visit the Mercury for that. No more.

I'm so disgusted with the fact that this one writer, Amy or whatever her name is, and her paper itself, are trying to use the death of an unarmed man for publicity that I doubt if I will ever so much as crack open another issue of the Mercury. It's mind-numbing banality was something I could overlook when it seemed at least benign. But if they want to use the death of this poor man for their gain, and if they want to slam those of us who read and participate on indymedia, then fuck them. Seriously. That's really lame.

This isn't about YOU, Merc staff. It's about police violence, and yet another unjustifiable killing of yet another unarmed person. You have thoroughly alienated much of your readership by starting this nonsense. For the record, Madam Hatter and some of the other imcistas on this site are the most respected journalists in the city when it comes to reporting the truth about police violence and many other issues. So no, Merc. As you said on your site, you're not gonna "go all indy" on us. You don't have it in you.

aloha 25.Oct.2006 10:02

indy reporter

The Mercury has learned of many stories from Indymedia. It is hard to believe that this person Amy is trying to say otherwise. Maybe she is new there. I can remember at least a half dozen times when I was at some protest, or event and there was a Mercury reporter there and I asked how they learned about it and they said 'portland indymedia'.

What I posted to the mercury blog 25.Oct.2006 11:48

catherine stauffer

this was what I posted to the blog:

"Indymedia is used by an entire progressive and politically radical community. The content on the site is posted by this community, and is not written by a staff our a particular group of people. When the mercury slams indymedia they are putting down an entire community of progressive activists. I am one of those activists. I have under my belt years of police accountability work. I believe that I am a person that you would like and respect. So what gives? Could you please stop? You do not know who you are attacking, or how broad your attack is coming across. We have a television news media who constantly puts down protesters in Portland and dehuminizes them (justifying very real and excessive police
violence). Your sentiments sound very similair to this rhetoric. Are you waging war on the leftist/progressive/anarchist voice in Portland? Is that what you are intending to do? Because it is coming across that way. Are you so nihilistic as a group that you hate any source of cultural power outside of your own paper, and you do not even need a reason? Or have you not realized yet that we are in a REAL crisis politically. Please stop putting indymedia down, it is coming across very badly."