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Sometimes cartoons say it all

Steve Bell often hits the bull's eye.
Here is the latest Steve Bell cartoon from the Guardian. Sad as it is, he almost always hits the mark when he draws Bush and Blair.
steve bell 24.Oct.2006 02:22


did you mean this one?
did you mean this one?
personally I liked this one
personally I liked this one

Bushin 24.Oct.2006 03:14


mirro, mirror..

oops 24.Oct.2006 06:58


Yes to both cartoons. I attached the first one you picked to my message but must have done it wrong. Thank you for helping me out. The one with DEATH is also very good indeed. Sometimes Steve Bell just gets it right, doesn't he? I love the way he draws Bush, but then, it is a bit disrespectful to monkeys.

steve bell is great! 24.Oct.2006 07:44


and let's not forget his estimable colleague, Martin Rowson!

 link to www.guardian.co.uk

though he can be a bit disrespectful to helicopters.