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Boycott the Wave Books Poetry Bus

Matthew Zapruder would have you believe that the Poetry Bus Tour is the greatest thing since sliced (white) bread, but it's being criticized in poetry circles for a variety of reasons. The bus stops on Portland's latest gentrification project, Mississipi Avenue, Tuesday, October 24th.
Don't expect variety when the Wave Books Poetry Bus Tour stops in Portland. The organizers of this traveling circus, including Matt Zapruder, envision themselves as next-generation Ken Keseys, but their vision is limited. The bus tour quickly added some token women and minorities when the critics noticed the seats filling up with homogeneous poets. Even Poetry Snark weighed in with the Lost Tour Diary. AnneBoyer says the Bus Boys pass the hat and don't share the donations with the poets they recruit to read on tour. It's no surprise to me, founder of Foetry.com, that Wave Books doesn't like to share; after all, Wave was once known as Verse, and they pulled a fast one. And at least one of the other readers for the Portland stop, Lisa Fishman, reaped the benefits of knowing a poetry contest judge. I'd encourage lovers of verse to steer clear and instead, to read a book of poetry Tuesday night: a book of poetry that's about the words and not the schmooze and fumes of the short-on-ideas-bus.

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Even,City Repair's rave crew has also discovered North Mississippi 24.Oct.2006 03:56


Even Shitty Repair has now discovered North Mississippi, now the PDC,City of Portland sponsored,white invasion is complete. They have moved into a warehouse building owned at present by the oh so hip developer Randy Rappaport, but soon to be sold to the Texas development company, Trammel Crow, who I'm sure will be working with City repair to provide,sustainable,affordable housing ? RIGHT. And what does City Repair do to reach out to the community ? They have a $25 to $50, rave party till 5 am in the morning. Is that really about building or listening to community ?
Shitty Repair you seem to be loosing the Portland communities respect really fast.

yes and no 26.Oct.2006 21:48

me and you fox_lvkbgo@trashmail.net

The reading could have been more representative and there is validity there. And that is no small matter. But, it was far from "token". Additionally, the types of readings were diverse, not similar. The styles went from staid formalism to experimentalism to spoken word to sung. The location and issue of gentrification are worth constant vigilant examination and criticism, no doubt. That said, did you the author of this provide input to the bus tour on where the reading should be and help? Did you assist on bringing in a diversity of authors? It's easy to sit around and throw dirt. It's fun. But, the question is if we as a community are involved in literary events, how do we as a community contribute?

Foetry is, of course, never biased. Foetry is about as unbiased as Fox News. Am I suggesting that poetry contests are not completely based on nepotism? Am I suggesting that hiring and firing and all else related to poetry in the US is not hierarchical, patriarchal, and basically...oppressive? Institutionalized Poetry is of course all of these things. Surprise surprise. *ANY* academic or business/capitalist (in the U.S. one and the same) is a farce when it comes to these things all are helping their friends get jobs and you probably do the same thing. You probably help your friends first. and family. OMG! How awful. It should be that it is based on "merit" alone. Yes, well....no. Merit or the myth of merit in poetry originates from some ridiculous notion that we can know what is objectively GOOD. Merit-based (like no child left behind) sounds great on paper. but, try it out. the articulation of the rules themselves present a system that benefits one type of writer and not another.

The problem with Foetry is that it is premised on the idea of there being such a thing as "FAIR COMPETITION". Or, put differently, that is the problem with capitalists. Always trying to suggest and promote the idea that there is fairness within the domain of competition. ps. foetry is at a .com i.e. a COMPANY.