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Stolen election AGAIN? Help spark a general strike on Nov. 8 -- before it's too late!

It's your right, isn't it?
In two more weeks, it will happen again: vote-suppression tactics and uncounted "provisional ballots." Five to 11 point leads (i.e. in Georgia in '04) will vanish in a flurry of e-aberrations. If the House and Senate are up for grabs, the formula will simply be moderated. Instead of a four-seat lead for Bush's e-regime, it will go down to a modest two, plus an eleven-seat lead in the House.

It isn't a partisan issue. The US is being prevented from evolving.

The stakes are high: Bush now makes the same case against Iran as he did against Iraq. Ranking brass recently exposed Bush's plan to use nuclear weapons on Iran. Meanwhile, Bush's use of depleted uranium has poisoned Iraq and Afghanistan for billions of years into the future. The loss of habeus corpus, plus Bush's claimed right to kill US citizens who he decides are "enemies" has many scared. Shouldn't we turn the tables and put the fear in Bush, instead?

A general strike on November 8 would do just that.

A recent Princeton study showed that one single computer could overthrow an entire national election. Add to that the vote suppression tactics that Greg Palast has documented and you can see that our children's future is in jeopardy. How many times does that have to happen before we act? If we simply flood out into the streets on Wednesay, Nov. 8 and shut this nation down, it will send a loud, clear message.

Hard-won revolutionary gains are being compromised by Bush and his ilk. Without a normal rotation of officeholders, there is no corrective dynamic. What the people in the Ukraine and Mexico know is that you must prevent a nation from doing business-as-usual when an election is stolen.

Help light the spark! Shut this nation down on Nov. 8 - before it's too late!

Who controls the computers? 24.Oct.2006 10:35


Why not you? Cascadia is high-tech land - lotsa smart, digital folk here. Carpe diem, as they say,

Good idea 24.Oct.2006 11:50

for what it's worth

People ought to be ready. The stakes are, as you say, *extremely* high, but the problem is that not enough people know that. People need to be waiting in the wings to swarm the mass media with calls for exposure on what is almost certain to be widespread *fraud*. I mean, when people are proposing that exit polls not be allowed ... you *know* somethings up. Document your experiences on election night! Bring your camera phones! Be the media! Be ready to expose any tricks these guys might have up their sleeve, because they're desperate to win right now and we know from the past they're willing to try absolutely anything.

We do not live in a democracy if our votes don't count.

May God mess up any computer used to steal honest votes. Amen.

Shucks ... how did we allow this to get so far out of hand? 26.Oct.2006 16:45

Ben Waiting

Information I just received today on rigging the vote


More info voter-fraud on my website

Do Not Go Quitely into this Dark Night 27.Oct.2006 12:04

Into the Woods

If this is to happen, if the election is stolen - and if the control of government is stolen in the process, it must happen - we will need more time.

Start hitting the streets as soon as we have word that the theft has occurred, but build over the weekend of the 11th and 12th to a general strike on November the 13th.

Make it unlucky for those that have set themselves against constitutional democracy.

Spead the word. This time we will not go quietly in that dark night.

November 8, 2006 02.Nov.2006 22:40

Russ Ranard russ-ranard@comcast.net

Early voting results indicate that the fix is in for the 2006 election. Voters in Texas, Florida, and Ohio are already complaining that their votes for Democratic candidates are being switched to the Republican candidate!

So, what will we be willing to do if the Rovians steal yet another election? Please let me know what public actions are planned in the Portland/Vancouver area for 11/8. I pledge my support!

Russ Ranard