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Have you seen my STOLEN bicycle? It's a TREK women's bike

Someone stole my Trek commuter bike from in front of the Portland Building last Wednesday. I am not giving up hope that I can't recover it!
My bike is a Trek women's bike. Model 7.2
Color is blue/gray
The serial number is SC16D7096.
The bike has a kickstand, a bell, and "open" toe clips.
It has fenders on the front and back and lights on the front and back.
I have filed a police report. I've registered it on BikePortland.org

A bike fitting this description was seen on the Springwater Cooridor near 82nd, ridden by a scruffy looking blonde man in his 30s, carrying a lot of returnable cans.

If you see my bike, Please note where and when and a description of the rider. I would really really appreciate it.

(503) 313-7267

phone: phone: 503-313-7267

i'll keep an eye out but... 23.Oct.2006 18:20

just a note

why register a police report? it only legitimizes them and we all know bike theft isn't illegal. Sure, there may be words on paper somewhere that says it is, but have you ever heard of someone getting arrested for bike theft? what about the police returning a bike? they're useless in that department... you may as well pray for your bike's safe return.

But hey, i'll keep an eye out for it.

sweet 23.Oct.2006 19:50


it stinks that your bike was stolen.

i think it is great that you posted up the photo and story about it.

i hope you get it back. it's happened before and you have obviously taken a lot of steps in the right direction to get it back.

good luck.

btw, if you have not already done so, send a fax to every bike shop in the area that you can think of. maybe pawn shops too, but they are pretty lazy about interrupting their steady profits by reporting stolen property.

- - - 23.Oct.2006 20:10

_ _ _

Sarah,Sorry, that really sucks.Can you post picture,description and your phone number and place them along the spring Water Corridor?

trash-talking commenters 23.Oct.2006 21:15


OK, there are some really unnecessary comments here.

While the Portland Police definitely don't give the same attention to finding stolen bicycles and as stolen SUV's (and can be downright less than helpful if you ask them about reporting a theft) they have still been involved in returning many bikes to their owners.

It is not necessary to fax the bike shops since adding the bike's description and preferably photo to the bikeportland.org "stolen bike listings" results in the local bike shops being notified. I'm not sure about the pawn shops but many local bike shops have been very helpful in identifying and foiling bike theft. Can you imagine the customer loyalty that might result from a shop returning a bike to its owner?

People sell stolen goods on Ebay... 24.Oct.2006 09:34

Pravda or Consequences

Maybe sending something to them would help.

Hope it turns up.

How about mine 16.Sep.2008 08:36

thanks debandon@yahoo.com


I have owned a Rocky mountain Element TO for the past 10 years. I love my bike. I have to ride to work due to a visual impairment and I have a bad back. Recently I upgraded my bike with Disc Brakes which means I had to replace the lower control arm with the mount for the brake. I got a new arm from rocky mountain. It was the first one made. It is unique. It was stolen From my garage.
Anyone who sees a red and white Rocky Mountain Element Team only edition with a rear disc brake, Black bomber mx fork , L grip shift, R LX Rapid fire and old 8speed XTR drive train components call Citrus heights Police @ 916-727-4790 report # 08010731
Thanks Don H @  debandon@yahoo.com
Same paint as these but with disc brakes and Black Bomber Fork.