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Cop Says Not Protesting = Complicity

The Portland Police Bureau thinks that the 50 people who showed up at the police brutality demonstration yesterday are the only ones who protest their deplorable tactics...
Lieutenant Todd Wyatt, who along with other officers spoke to the protestors outside Rosie Sizer's house, said:

"Obviously the other 1.5m people living in Portland's Metropolitan area understand the nature of police work. I'm sorry but bad things happen. Nobody wanted that latest death to happen."

There may be some truth to that 23.Oct.2006 16:12


I expect I'll get jumped on here, but...

Small demonstrations can give people the wrong impression. Especially if you are in a large space like Pioneer Square. I have helped organized demos of various sizes, and we have often come up with a number that we thought would be respectable, and then worked to make sure we have at least that many people. It doesn't always have to be huge, but a demonstration is just that--a demonstration, and if you cannot demonstrate that at least a few people are concerned about the issue, then you may do a disservice. I think the same thing might be true about the "demonstrations of one" that seem to be popular on these pages. It takes guts to be out there, but I worry that it sends a bad message--a message of "I could not even get one friend to stand here on this corner with me."

On an issue like police brutality, when the issue is so high-profile, I think 50 people is too few.

Todd Wyatt! 23.Oct.2006 16:17


Ah, yes. Todd Wyatt. Mama's boy who helped to pepper spray a 10 month old baby. Yeh, I care what he thinks.

By the way, Todd, I wasn't out there with those protesters, but my heart is with them, and I bet a lot of other peoples' were too. Mr. Wyatt is famous for engaging with people in a nasty, smug, snotty little manner -- lecturing them on using profanity, for example, or telling them he would not want them setting an example to his children. Well, Mr. Wyatt, I would not want you pepper spraying my children, so we're even. ...no, not quite. I think there was a rhyme I learned when I was little. Something about sticks and stones and guns and pepper spray hurting, but not words.

He's a skinny little shit who doesn't like to read about himself in places like this. Which makes me happy to mention him in a place like this.

something is better than nothing 23.Oct.2006 16:27


my own belief is that a small protest is better than no protest at all. thank you to the 50 dedicated souls who showed up.

Not enough notice 23.Oct.2006 16:33


If there had been more time to plan, say 2 weeks, more people would have shown up. I would have changed my work schedule to attend along with a lot more people. Also, I am out towards Forest Grove, and ALOT of people I have spoken to who have never attended a protest, and probably never will are asking questions about the recent shootings. I have been told numerous times by people out this way that they are now more affraid of the police than the criminals. I dont doubt that if another protest is planned at least a month in advance there would be a huge turn out.

not an accident 23.Oct.2006 16:41


Pioneer Square was not the actual protest destination. Rosie Sizer's house was the true destination. to get 50 people all the way out to a home demo and back safely is quite an accomplishment.

"I'm sorry but bad things happen. Nobody wanted that latest death to happen."

He's playing it off like some sort of accident. I've made alot of mistakes in my life, but i've held someone down and beat them to death. This is no accident or fluke, this is institutionalized brutality on behalf of the PPB. It's not the first and it wont be the last. The systematic violence against marginalized people will continue, until people finally stand up and fight back! That's exactly what the Oct. 22nd action was.

love and solidarity to all those who participated!

those who support the protest 23.Oct.2006 16:48


If the police really do read these postings, and I think they do, I want them to know that MANY more citizens are concerned about the recent officer killings. Yes, the demonstration on Sunday was a small one, but there are many reasons for that. The rest of us continue to find ways to make our concerns heard and are looking to the future for ways to make changes. Don't be fooled, officers. Many of the people you would least expect to be questioning your bad decisions are out here working to bring a difference to the way law enforcement works with citizens.

I want to thank those who did show up for the demonstration on Sunday. Those are the people who show us where the problems are and those are the people who put their bodies on the line.

Dear Lieutenant Todd Wyatt 23.Oct.2006 18:19


I think that you would be VERY surprised to learn of just how many of that 1.5 million folks out here actually DO give a shit about how you goons are doing your job. Your surprise was to learn that folks actually DID care about some unfortunate like James Chasse.
What you will soon learn, is just how many microgivashits the public will manage to muster next time one of yours gets his ass kicked in a bar fight, or gets his stamps cancelled by some guy who is driving a car too good for the neighborhood, and knows just what chance he has to get his seat belt unbuckled before one of you zeros shoots him.

What I am saying, Lt. Wyatt, is that we ARE watching you. Even if we find little pleasure in submitting our bodies to the kinds of punishment you porkers tend to mete out when we exercise our rights to the streets, to dissent, to be outside the boxes that you think we belong in.

Some of us even make the decisions as to your budgets, and sooner or later, a few of us will end up on the grand jury that finds it's huevos, and indicts one of you.

Wake up, before it is to late.

" understand the nature of police work" ???? 23.Oct.2006 18:49


Since when does "the nature of police work" include beating a man to death..breaking 16 ribs in the process? No Mr Wyatt...we do NOT understand the nature of your police work.. You and your fellow thugs have become the enemy of the people. You kill with impunity and treat your fellow citizens with contempt and disgust. I am old enough to remember when the cops were the "good guys"...who you called when you needed help. Ask Lucas Glenns parents about the help they got from the Wash Co. sheriffs dept. Or the help that Fouad Kaddy got after being burned over his entire body. I worry more about my children being killed at the hands of the police than I do at the hands of any gangbanger or criminal. It seems there is a police shooting a week now. The sad thing is , I only expect things to get worse.

a 23.Oct.2006 19:54


I would not call the police under most circumstance where people expect to. I would be more afraid of the police than an intruder for example.

the turnout was excellent considering the short notice 23.Oct.2006 21:01


I applaud the organizer for stepping up and doing something when it was apparent that nobody else was doing something for Oct. 22nd "National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality." The crowd was fairly good-sized considering the short notice and lack of widespread publicity.

A perspective: in N Portland beginning at a church, the (now defunct) Police Accountability Campaign had a march that was permitted and went down MLK. It must have been plenty embarrassing for the police who were escorting the parade, while protesters were holding anti-police-brutality signs.

In the future let's think bigger and engage more of the public. There are enough people that are steaming mad about this issue, with enough notice and publicity it should be possible to do something huge and creative.

Todd Wyatt, if I brutalize you and nobody rallies to protest later, does that mean that everyone agrees it was OK? With so many injustices happening everywhere, especially in Bush's Amerika, it's no wonder so many are becoming apathetic. You can't possibly rail against every injustice. "...understand the nature of police work." What I understand is that some police are too cowardly to apprehend even an unarmed person sometimes, they're incompetent or vengeful (supposing the victim is someone they've had previous experience with and they hate) so they draw their guns and fire. These people should not be doing police work, it is for those who have mental competence and discipline.

Is anyone planning more actions 23.Oct.2006 23:21

Jasun Wursrter jasun@pnxcorp.com

I have been wondering this for a few days now. I know that the NE station is on Killingsworth and MLK and the SE station is on 47th and Burnside. These streets get a lot of traffic ... especially at rush hour. What if people coordinated to take an hour shift with 10 people each to stand on the public sidewalks in front of the stations with signs to inform motorists. Plus passing fliers out at the lights to stopped cars. I have lots of left over paints from the World Naked Bike Ride ... In which police brutality occurred with an off duty cop that thought he was still on duty (  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/06/341017.shtml )

My thought is that going to the Chief's house was great! Now maybe we should bring the message to the stations in a way that we can inform people driving by and the officers that the PPB actions actions are unacceptable. But in a way that we organize and effectively schedule our resources so that we can educate and gain support for a week straight for a more civilized police force. Plus cops going on duty will see the signs and we could ask them "Please do not murder someone today".

I had planned to participate 24.Oct.2006 03:36

sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

On my way to the bus downtown, I got stopped and harassed by a cop. I stood there for a few, then sat on the curb and waited for a warrants check. When the dick wanted permission to look through my backpack, I said "sure, If I can look through your wallet". He didn't shee any humor in an exchange of privacy violations.

In short, I counted myself lucky to be breathing and went home and composed another citizen's complaint against the police.

mailed it. made a mental note to leave out the back door next time, and leave my email with a request to be told about the next action so I can plan to go and actually get there in time.

Hey PoPO 24.Oct.2006 09:39

Pravda or Consequences

Since no one was there to counter the 50 that were, then by the same logic of Todd Wyatt it's obvious that 1.5 million citizens don't support the police at all, not even a little bit.

Unemployed, Juvenile? 24.Oct.2006 11:34


I grew up poor. I grew up lacking oppurtunities for quality education. I have made a life for myself by my own two hands. I own a house and it shelters 5 people. I am a working class man with a good job and I probably make more than you do. I am maried to an amazing educated working class woman, from a working class family that respects me. I own a hybrid. I care for a dog. My partner and I risk loosing all the "things" we've built together every time we protest injustice. How? Well it's as simple as this: Institutions have built into thier procesess ways of excluding and punishing people that fight them, and institutions they support.
Still we fight. It isn't about the material stuff we've gained. Sure this stuff helps us in our organizing, but it isn't more important than justice. Priveledge isn't an end, it's just one means or tool among many. If I can't carry the signs in my hybrid I'll get a fucking bike cart. If I can't convince the cops to stop beating pedestrians with a commanding voice then we will form a wedge, then a line and defend them. If my computer breaks and I can't spread the word I'll build another from the scraps at goodwill. How many people do you know that would risk it all and keep on going strong for justice? I know a good 60 and counting. Count me in, all see you at the next one.

the stand off at the Chief's house 24.Oct.2006 12:32


Did the stand off at the Chief's house get reported by any corp. media?

next action? 24.Oct.2006 15:12


hey I was wondering, since it sounds like a larger rally would show the police that more of us care, if I could have someone email me next time theres a rally like this being planed.

my email is  eviltracker@yahoomail.com thanks.

thank you 24.Oct.2006 17:05

with you in spirit

thank you to those who did show up

Thanks 24.Oct.2006 17:29


Thanks for all the comments and support. And thanks to everyone who attended the protest and to all the hard working, passionate CITIZEN reporters and contributors here.

IndyMedia rocks -and so do all of you.

hmm 25.Oct.2006 23:11

Jon cal_look_67@yahoo.com

I agree with the protest, as far as downtown. And I would have attended had I known about it.
But I think going to the Chief's house is wrong. Tantamount to stalking. Take it to her office, but not to her home.