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Green Party Candidate Joe Keating: Setting the Record Straight

Keating's speech tour: Setting the record straight."With a few weeks left until election day .. I'm about to travel throughout the valley to set the record straight. Come hear Joe speak, celebrate Joe's campaign and our future as we vote to make Energy Independent Oregon a reality.
Keating's Speech Tour: Setting the Record Straight

" With a few weeks left until election day .. I'm about to travel throughout the Valley to set the record straight. Ted Kulongoski is a weak and vacillating politician who has attempted to woe the progressive community with empty words about the war in Iraq, the environment, good government, and ... . energy independence. These are empty political words ... he has made a mockery of these vital issues. I doubt if any voter believes Kulongoski, if reelected, will follow through on ... political promises... it is important for a leader to be truthful ... . Oregonians deserve better." Joe Keating Green Party candidate for governor

Joe Keating will be touring the state to give major policy speeches, addressing issues with the intelligence and warmth Oregonians deserve. Instead of finding the lowest common denominator to be elected, Keating has lead with his commitment to the people and state he will serve as governor. A breathe of fresh air and a stark contrast to the career politicians Ted Kulongoski and Ron Saxton. Both of whom are millionaires committed to policies that put Capitalism first before our Democracy. These politicians are locked in a race to the bottom. privitizing our pristine natural resources, leaving industry to self regulations and spending our money on potholes and road contracts over education and the environment. The people of Oregon deserve a leader who sees not just the immediate value of our state's people and natural resources, we need a leader who's vision includes the value of our children's generation - our future leaders.

Come hear Joe speak, celebrate Joe's campaign and our future as we vote to make Energy Independent Oregon a reality.

To see the upcoming schedule and learn about Joe's policies visit the campaign website. wwwgojoekeating.org

10/25 - Eugene: 'Oregon's Cloudy Environmental Future'
6:30- 8:00 PM - Eugene Public Library: 100 West 10th Ave. Tykeson Room

10/26 - Ashland: 'Peace - Actions Speak Louder Than Words '
6:30-8:30 PM Southern Oregon University: Rogue River Rm - 1250 Siskiyou Blvd

10/27 Corvallis: 'A Real Energy Independent Oregon'
6:30-8:30 PM - Oregon State University - Memorial Student Union

11/3 Portland - 'On Tolerance and Good Government'
2:00-3:30 PM - Central Library, U.S. Bank Conference Rm, 801 S.W. 10th Ave

Creative Candidate Forum Schedule:

10/25 Salem: Western Oregon University - Noon
10/27 Salem: City Club - Noon
10/30 Portland: PCC Cascade Campus - 11AM - 1PM
10/31 Portland: PCC Rock Creek Campus - 11AM - 1PM
11/1 Portland: PCC Sylvania Campus 11AM - 1 PM

Go Joe Campaign Rally/ Bash / Benefit

10/30 - Portland: Crystal Ballroom's Lola Room - 8-12 PM featuring: The New Old Timers Bluegrass Band, The Stumptown Jug Thumpers, and the legendary troubadour: JIM HINDE

homepage: homepage: http://www.gojoekeating.org

Keating on LNG 23.Oct.2006 12:33


I would add that Joe Keating's Corvallis energy talk might be particularly interesting. Joe has spoken eloquently against huge new foreign fossil fuel projects in Oregon. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) proposals have popped up along the Columbia River and So. Oregon since California rejected several a few years ago. Joe has accurately pointed out that these projects make the West Coast more, rather than less, dependent on foreign fossil fuels. He has also said that these proposals are bad for human rights and the environment overseas.

Saxton and Kulongoski are noticeably silent on the specifics of the LNG issue. Called "the new fossil fuel" by the Wall Street Journal, LNG presents safety, economic, and environmental impacts at the terminal location and along the sendout pipelines (223 miles long, from North Bend to California, in the case of PG&E's Pacific Connector project in S. Oregon). And, as LNG opponents have pointed out, these projects are linked to up-stream LNG producers that have a poor environmental and human rights track-record.

Kulongoski has been very disappointing, consistently backing LNG proposals and appointing a very pro-LNG Port Commission in Coos Bay. Saxton, though he did meet with LNG opponents, has failed to make a statement in opposition. Joe Keating has accurately pinpointed LNG as an example of where Kulongoski has failed to lead, and where Saxton would be likely be as bad or worse.

Joe spoke at a North Bend anti-LNG rally, using the event to articulate Oregon's need for an independent energy future. He argues that aggressively pursuing energy indpendene is better for ratepayers, local economies, our environment, and upstream communities. It's been refreshing to hear Joe say what many rural Oregonians are learning through these horrendous LNG proposals; the two major parties seem unable or unwilling to address the energy issue with any courage or foresight. Independents, Greens, Republicans, and Democrats in rural Oregon are getting a small taste of our national energy imperialism, and Joe Keating has been the only candidate to use it as a teaching moment to point us in the direction of clean, green, local energy.

Free Cascadia 23.Oct.2006 14:06

Ecotopian Yeti

Now Joe Keating and all the other Greens that I have seen post in the Indy Media have refused to even talk about the idea of an independent Cascadia with Oregon taking those first steps. Of course this does represent all Greens. Personally on many issues I tend to vote Green while in the late 1980s and 1990s feared Republicans (remember Oregon Republicans in the past like Tom McCall were a totally different breed of "cat") and at one time I was registered as Republican and when Tom McCall switched to Independent I too switched to that.

I believe the current system of elections are messed up with manipulation from Corporations and limited to campaigns based on parties (Soda-Pop Democracy) with packaged "solutions" not issues. So I actually advocate not voting, but organizing groups to take over both election offices and media centers while demanding town-meetings (open dialogue on all issues with facilitators guiding the dialogue) with concensus democracy as the means of approaching issues. But I do not see the people, specifially Cascadians, organized and ready for such a thing happening (I hope I am wrong and would be overwhelmingly perky if we did).

I think if the Greens as a party woke up someday and realized the whole system is rigged (whether that is due ot fraudulent elections as in Washington State and California in the past elections or party bullying or corporatist funding) then their best bet might be to support a systematic path to get out of the Union just like what is happening in Vermont.

As for the Kulongoski versus Saxton well this is a typical Soda-Pop Democracy situation which leads to packaged deals that sacrifice too much and which ends up being voting against the worse candidate or proposal and not voting for the best approach or for some illusion of an ideal representive.

Maybe the Greens should know of the Ents like Treebeard:

"Pippin: And whose side are you on?
Treebeard: Side? I am on nobody's side, because nobody is on my side, little orc." ~JRR Tolkien, Lord of the Rings


Ecotopian Yeti 24.Oct.2006 18:52

Brian the Green

Your claim that we don't talk about cessation or forming a different political entity than our current system isn't so. I can tell you that this Green believes our solution lies outside our current system and paradigm. The problem with Greens is that we don't all march to the same drummer. We have somewhat similar values (peace, sustainability, decentralization, democracy, personal and social responsibility) but how we get from here to there varies widely.

I am supportive of all Ecotopian efforts. My personal vision and a plan that could work is an economic Ecotopia that essentially becomes self supporting through buy local campaigns and other local and regional initiatives. California alone would be the 3rd largest economy on the planet.

As David Korten says, we are going through a Great Turning (www.thegreatturning.org) and new models and systems will arise to replace the old systems. We are going from Empire to Earth Community and we need to generate as much support for the emerging changes as we can.

A new website that I'm excited about is called www.WorldChanging.org. The solutions and answers are all around us. We need to stop wasting our time worrying about Empire as it goes through it's death throws. It is dying and it will continue to create havoc as it does. The sooner we create viable alternatives to replace the Empire, the better. Greens are working on those efforts and Joe Keating is a public voice for radical changes and different priorities.