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1023 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Monday, October 23rd, 2006.
Note Bene: Thank you for reading Get This. Thank you for not re-posting it all over hell and creation. I keep my attorneys chained to a wind-swept mountain crag and fed on raw meat. Don't make me turn them loose....

1. Getting Away With More Murder: A Washington county deputy shot and killed an intruder yesterday. Watch this; the shooter will not be tested for drugs and he will be exonerated by a grand jury, if the incident even gets that far. What the police have learned in the greater Portland metropolitan area is that they can lie with impunity and shoot to kill with slight to zero provocation. If you are arrested and you do not have the wherewithal to hire a lawyer who knows the judge, then you are guilty as charged...
2. Last week in the first action taken under the 'Military Commissions Act of 2006', the Justice Department notified the Circuit Court of Appeals that the new law strips it and all other courts of jurisdiction over hundreds of pending habeas corpus petitions filed by Gitmo detainees. The shock waves are being felt in Oregon. You may yourself feel them soon...
3. In rural Washington farmers are worried about the land use measure on the November ballot. The State Farm Bureau is the most vocal public supporter of the initiative because it guards against heavy-handed government regulations that could drive down property values and make farms and ranches unprofitable... that is if they haven't already been driven over the edge by agribusiness.
4. Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water???: The Oregon Department of Forestry wants the law changed in order to allow loggers to drop a few trees in streams and river to provide habitat for salmon. (How about just leaving the forest alone and allowing it to provide salmon habitat on it's own the way it did back when we had salmon... ?
5. In Washington State, a wide range of Green initiatives look like they'll be showing up in the winner's circle this November. Oregon used to be a leader but thanks to the massive migration of California Republicans to Central Oregon, we are beginning to look like well, California...
6. The overly friendly deer that has been chasing young boys around has been tranquilized and removed to a remote wilderness. (I recommend the same be done with Mark Foley... )
7. Former Enron tomb raider Jeffrey Skilling will be sentenced today.
8. The Deer Hunter: Mark Foley apparently made friends with a wide circle of teenaged pages, then singled out "hot boys" to write to.
9. 'Baby, Come Back; I'll Never Hit You again... " In an interview with al-Jazeera this weekend, a senior US diplomat - Alberto 'Tell It Like It Is', Fernandez - said America had shown "arrogance" and "stupidity" in Iraq. But the US was now ready to talk with any group except al-Qaeda in Iraq to facilitate "national reconciliation".
10. With the appearance of the new moon, Eid al-Fitr will be mark the end of Ramadan. Those fortunate enough to have survived America's political adventures in the Muslim world, will celebrate what's left of their mangled lives...
11. Dan Bartlett, a "high ranking White House official" (Who happens to know exactly zero about history, the Middle east, diplomacy, geography or any languages other than English in which he is only marginally fluent, said that Iraq should "step up and take more responsibility."... I shit you not. He really said that.
12. Iraq's former finance minister says that up to 4800 million dollars meant to equip the Iraqi army has been stolen. And that's just the money stolen by Iraqis. American contractors have stolen many times that amount. (Not counting the money that James Baker III has arranged for American companies to cart out of the country in tankers... .)
13. You Don't Say! A new poll finds that most young people in Iraq want the US out.
14. This is the most violent Ramadan Iraqis have experienced since at the least the 6th century AD.
15. Khartoum has given the top UN representative Jan Pronk three days to get out of Sudan because he traveled around the country without government permission (and survived... ) and because he is had dealings with rebel groups (Which is presumably what he was supposed to be doing in his capacity as a UN representative... )
16. Several Israeli cabinet ministers have expressed the bloodthirsty desire to retake control of Gaza's southern border.
17. In Brazil, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has a big lead over his rival in the polls a week before the October 29th final vote. But a week is a long time in Brazilian politics...
18. Bulgarian President Georgy Parvanov won the most votes but not enough to win his nation's election outright. He now faces a run-off with an ultra-nationalist challenger. Parvanov himself is strongly backed by his Socialist Party and his re-election will definitely strengthen the party ahead of Bulgaria's accession to the EU. (But a week is even longer in Bulgarian politics... )
19. Sasha Baron Cohen's character Borat has been invited to Kazakhstan... where he will be dismembered by horse and eaten by naked Jewish women...

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