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centaur smith

start to bring some heat on our centaur smith for his voting record
Hey folks,

On Thursday 26th of October I will be at the WTC building, THAT IS WHERE OUR "Centaur" Smith does hide. I will be handing out copies of the Bill of Rights. I will be calling for Mr. Smith or one of his staff to come out to talk about why he gave bush the right to arrest and disappear any citizen of this great nation called America. Come and join me, this is the end of Mr. Smith as a senator from the state of Oregon. Mr. Smith is a traitor and should be called out---want to take a ride, want to make the man who acts like cheney, (does have more hair) uncomfortable? Bring copies of the Bill of Rights and your soul. Well, that's all folks!

11:45 AM Mr. Smith's office----ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER---121 SW SALMON ST.

Joseph Walsh---Lone Vet
Hey 24.Oct.2006 18:23

Generation Betrayed

Hey. Good luck to you. I would join you but its on a weekday so it makes it hard to attend. If it was later in the day or on a weekend I would be there. Again, good luck to you and those who stand with you.

any report back? 30.Oct.2006 02:43


Would love to hear what happened...