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Pic: Out of control Cop at Oct. 5th Protest

A Portland Police Officer drove his motrocycle into the crowd.
I attended my first protest/march on October 5th. I didn't know what to expect but I was shocked at the behavior of the PPD. While walking down Jefferson I heard four motorcycles coming towards us. I was on the sidewalk and turned, and decided I wanted a picture of them. The first three motorcycles drove straight down towards 13th, but the fourth officer deliberatley swerved into the crowd. Although you can't tell from the picture one of the people in the crowd was a woman pushing a baby stroller. Also, no one in the crowd was doing anything out of line. I know it has been said numerous times in the mainstream media that the protesters are asking for it, but that is completly untrue based on what I saw. Especially since one of the people was an infant.

I know that these officers were parked on the corner of Park and Jefferson. I don't have any other photos so I can't identify them. If anyone else knows who they are I would like to know since the sign is blocking the officers face. I would like to state that I am disgusted that the WCW organizers have repeatedly failed to protect the people they invited to this protest. Especially in this situation which was an unprovoked attack on peaceful protesters.
Contact PLD 22.Oct.2006 21:39


Contact Portland Legal Defense about this - there are some legal and civil suits going on and they need witnesses.  pldn@lists.riseup.net

Traffic Commander Marty Rowley 23.Oct.2006 08:52

Abusive PPB officer promoted by Chief Rosie Sizer

Shortly after the "surprised" Rosie Sizer was temporarily appointed as Interim Chief by Mayor Tom Potter, she promoted the infamous Marty Rowley to commander of the Traffic Division. Rowley is well known to peace protesters, esp for his actions at the 2003 Bush protest, again at the direction and "leadership" of then commander, Rosie Sizer. A large civil settlement eventually made this one go away.