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more photos from the rally today

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more pic's and video to come 23.Oct.2006 13:57


`wrack/wack`, that made me laugh, good one, thank you. I have more pictures and video that I will put together and post. It is a lot of work, and I am not technologically learned as some. I have to get permission first, and yes, there might be someone who does not want to be identified. All I have is pic's and a digital high 8 (that's what Quinton used to film Pulp Fiction) and it might have to be edited to protect identity.

An officer was standing in the Chief's yard heavily armed with a shotgun and the whole bit. Would they have really shot one of these kids if they trespassed?

If anyone has some advice on how to put this edited video on a post, please e mail me.


Rights regarding video/still images 03.Nov.2006 20:57


The Supreme court of the United States has ruled that ALL images taken in public can be freely used as it happened in the piblic domain. You should have seen Homeland Security SHIT when I took their photos and refused to identify myself.