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Portland IMC Newsletter for Oct. 22, 2006 James Chasse Issue

Special James Chasse Issue:

James Chasse
James Chasse's Family Speaks, Chanel Twelve does not listen.
Does anyone know James Chasse?
Portland IMC Newsletter for Oct. 22, 2006
Portland IMC Newsletter for Oct. 22, 2006
Please Help Print and Distribute
great job pirate 21.Oct.2006 22:28


I've noticed that several local blogs have linked to the "Does anyone know James Chasse?" article. If anyone hasn't read it, or hasn't read it since it was first published (as many comments came in later), they really should:

They linked to it because numerous people who knew James Chasse took the time to express their feelings about his murder. Anyway I'm glad to see that a page of the newsletter was given to a couple of those who shared their personal stories. I'll be printing some out and placing them wherever I find myself; I encourage others to do the same.