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Protest Police Brutality Oct. 22 at 2pm on the North Park Blocks

Protest Police Brutality Oct. 22 at 2pm on the North Park Blocks. This is an autonomous event. Wear black in support of the families of people killed by the police in the Portland area.
Stop the Violence
Stop the Violence
Protest Police Brutality Oct. 22 at 2pm on the North Park Blocks. This is an autonomous event. Wear black in support of the families of people killed by the police in the Portland area.
thank you so much! 21.Oct.2006 16:36

cop watcher

Idea for signs, names of each of the victims of police brutality in Portland:

location for folks unfamiliar 21.Oct.2006 16:38


If you're new to town or just don't know, the "North Park Blocks" refers to the area at NW Park & Couch in Portland.

Umm, Ya might add Fouad Kaady, Lukus Glenn 21.Oct.2006 17:15

Pucker brush

Hey, CopWatch dudes, Portland is not the only "jurisdiction" around. If we are expected to share the demo duty with y'all, you could include some of us from out here, in the wilderness. The Kaady killing and the Chasse killing were the two most aggregious that I know of, but I am but one, and cannot keep track of all. I like your list, but the Metro area, at the very least, should be included in any list of Killed by Cops victims posted to this site. Indy is not so jurisdictionally limited as Copwatch seems to be.

hey pucker brush 21.Oct.2006 17:43

copwatch has nothing to do with the demo

this is a national and annual day of protest. put your money where your mouth is and show up. protest any of the many cop murders. I am still stuck on Meija Poot. I am still stuck on Dickie Dow. I am still upset about the woman who was shot in front of a bank downtown (she was holding a plastic childrens gun) when I was a kid.

what was your point again? that indymedia or copwatch needs to expand it's regional veiw? I think you miss-fired, and on your own people. bummer.

Flyer for the event 21.Oct.2006 18:00


Please help print and distribute. Please add more flyers to this post.

pdf flyer for Oct .22nd 21.Oct.2006 18:02


please help print and distribute. Please add more flyers to this post
pic of flyer
pic of flyer
pdf flyer
pdf flyer

Flyers out in Gateway and Max 21.Oct.2006 22:54


other flyers (but not so nice!) have been distributed in the Gateway Area since Thursday night, so there is some coverage there...Wish we had had this one! People seemed very interested, and willing to take the flyer, and kept them.


Paper shouldnt be wasted 22.Oct.2006 02:11


There are many many flyers put out all over Portland. I even saw some pasted up.But you got to realize most of the flyers that are not so "Pretty" are stolen/recycled paper. Any flyer that is straight to the point is a good flyer. But does a flyer really need pictures of the victims? We all know why and what cop murdered an inocent person. Does it really need to be a negative photo? Give props to everyone who worked on this. Flyers arent the point. The point is that we are meeting somewhere and we are expressing our dislike of the boys in blue. People are intrested because they know cops are in the wroung not because the flyer is the greatest flyer.

pics are important 22.Oct.2006 03:23


having a pic of the killer cops is important for a couple of reasons. many people think that cops aren't human (discuss) and having individual faces reminds everyone how normal looking these killers are. it brings the humanity or lack thereof together instead of just thinking of an institution that kills/brutalizes etc.

it's also, hypothetically, a good tool to have names/faces in case people want to follow up and have a nice polite dialogue with those individual cops. maybe over double-decaf skim milk lattes at the nearest trough, or donut shop

define waste... 22.Oct.2006 09:07


Some people have never been to IndyMedia. Some people have only watched FOX of KOIN. Some people believe the victims were criminals and that the jet fuel burned up the whole plane. The flyers are necessary to spread the word to those who don't visit the alternative news sites yet.

I was on IndyMedia for the fist time 6 days ago. I missed WCW, didn't even know about it! What about my wife and I and all the other people in my boat six days ago? Should we just say "f them", because they haven't realized it yet, and they don't see it yet? Were we not worth saving just because we were still asleep? Just to save paper? Am I and the sleeping others not worth a piece of paper to you?

The point in mentioning the other flyers was to let IndyMedia folks know that the word has been getting out for a few days over Portland, to Non-Indy-Media folk, and it should help with the turn-out. Not a kudo for the piece of paper itself.

And before you respond about littering flyers, there is a litter program the flyer distributors have put into place in their own neighborhood, as balance to the flyers. Six huge bags of litter and counting and a plan was already in place to remove the posted flyers. All Maat.

See you there, and Peace with each other,
for peace's sake.

And.... 22.Oct.2006 09:24


YOu have to do community outreach. This isn't just about the privileged white folks who are organizing. Do you have any idea what it is like for people of color in this town, dealing with asshole cops every day. It's important that the ENTIRE community is involved, especially those who face police harrassment every single fucking day. Which makes flyering is essential if you are going to organize an event like this, especially if you won't even talk to other people in your neighborhood about the action. Names and faces are great. First, it reminds us that these are humans who have been killed, brothers, sister, sons, daughters, lovers, partents, aunts, and uncles. And second, I don't typically like to strip anyone of their humanity no matter how much I dislike them, but pictures of the cops lets people see which 'thing' is doing this in their town and getting away with it. Maybe the cops oughtta be scared for once. It doesn't matter what flyers go up, I agree. But that means don't fucking analyze and criticize other peoples flyers when they are really trying to mobilize as many people as they can from as many communities as possible. Even whit this flyering, how many people of color or non-radicals do you actually expect to see out there with you today? How many would you like to see? How many do you think we ought to be in closer contact with about these issues?

thank you pirate 22.Oct.2006 09:42


Thank you for being brave and bringing people out on this.

I will stand by all of you, I would die for all of you. HAVE NO FEAR, were are doing our duty as Americans. This not North Korea, and never shall we allow our civil rights to be plundered like that. After all my talk of forgiveness and faith, I have had it. Today is the day.


a thought 22.Oct.2006 10:09


Dan has his hands full with Copwacth, please don't judge Copwatch for not including all victims in the `list`, even my cousin Fouad. Dan helped me 9 years ago when I made the mistake of filling a Federal Suite against the police.

And PLEASE use Fouads picture, do not ever forget his face.

love you all

Flyers 22.Oct.2006 11:34


"But does a flyer really need pictures of the victims? We all know why and what cop murdered an inocent person. Does it really need to be a negative photo? Give props to everyone who worked on this. Flyers arent the point. The point is that we are meeting somewhere and we are expressing our dislike of the boys in blue. People are intrested because they know cops are in the wroung not because the flyer is the greatest flyer."

I have to respectfully disagree with some points made here.

First and foremost, I am not going to the North Park Blocks today to show that I dislike the boys in blue. I am going to show that I will not allow police brutality to continue, that I am an informed citizen and don't like what is happening to my community, and that I will stand with others openly in public and say so. Saying we hate the cops won't change anything. They know many people hate them, and guess what? They (the cops, their commanding officers, the people who decide on their required training, the people who make the budget to fund the police) don't care. They know people are bound to hate them, they may as well not listen to that.
If we make a stand that targets a specific action (namely, unjustified use of force) and say NO, that is NOT okay, NOT in my city!!! we may be able to make a change. And no, it won't come just from today's protest- but if today's protest goes well, and if people (like me) continue to write to Rosie (PPD Chief), and we continue to ask for changes (at both ends- more training and different policies to prevent it from happening, and other things suggested on this site to ensure the cops are punished when it does happen), then maybe police brutality will stop.

Also, I don't know who has been killed and by which cops. I am glad the information is still being put out there, so we can say, "look, these are them! This is how many there are!" instead of just giving vague descriptions of general police brutality.

See you there!
Peace out,

negative picture is a photo error 22.Oct.2006 13:13


Sorry for the picture error. I need to learn how to fix that. I chose to put some victims' pictures on the flyer to show their humanity. I agree there should also be a flyer with cops who kill on it. I didn't have those pictures when I made the flyer.

I agree more outreach needs to be done on this issue. Hopefully the people who show up today will discuss how to get more people organized and mobilized against police brutality here in the Portland area. i think people should openly protest police brutality whenever it happens, and not just once a year. Hopefully this can lead to creating emergency response networks for when police brutality happens again.

responding to some comments 22.Oct.2006 13:56

free-lance copwatcher

Someone posted that Portland Copwatch should include the names of victims in other communities. I'm not an organizer for Portland Copwatch, but I doubt they have the resources to copwatch and track data for everyone in Oregon. If you want to see activity about places like Sandy, or other towns outside of Portland, wny don't you start a copwatch group that is local to you? About all it would take is establishing an email address, mail list, and website, and letting other people who would be interested know about it. Also, if you want to establish a list for victims in all of Oregon or even all of the US, why don't you create one? You'll see how much work it is. There is also a list of victims kept by October 22nd Coalition, the "Stolen Lives Project":
Be sure to add any info you see missing.

Someone else posted that organizers should reach out to the black community. The black community doesn't have the initiative to seek this stuff out? Everyone interested in this kind of thing should be reading Indymedia, and subscribed to the email lists for copwatch and civil rights organizations. I sure don't understand why it is usually white people doing the organizing for these groups when the black community is affected the most. Anyone, regardless of race, could easily find these groups and lots of news about them by I-net searching. Before you give me the digital divide crap, there are places all over town to get free Internet access, so there is absolutely nobody who doesn't have access to the information.

Race is no indication of your political beliefs. 22.Oct.2006 19:50


Race is no indication of your political beliefs. It takes everyone to make change.

This is not an apology for any apparent or percieved failure to reach out by the organizers. They are my comrades, I support them in good work when they do it. Today was a good step. We all recognize the need for more. They put up fliers all over town. Some areas wern't covered as well as they could be if they had more support, and are allowed to support others that do good work like this. As for supporting police brutality demonstrations by people of color, we attend them and support them when they happen. If they happen more we will support them more. If you know of any coming up please email me @  mb@resist.ca and I will post the event to the anti-imperialist list. We are, have, and will continue to, work with people of color to end police brutality in the "whole community" both as organizers and supporters. You can count on it. See you at the next one.

Also If you like "people power music" please check out Bernice Reagon Johnson, and/or sweet honey and the rock. An alblum I realllly like is:
"Give your hands to stuggle!"

Cause we all've got Soul Force, and you know it.

In common struggle,

my final thoughts on reaching out about police abuse 22.Oct.2006 22:14


The flyer was available on the freakin' Internet, so basically anywhere in the world. If you feel that your neighborhood wasn't adequately covered, then maybe for the next event you'll flyer the neighborhood. If one neighborhood had better coverage than another, that's because somebody in that neighborhood bothered to put up flyers.

Awesome job on the turnout. This was an extremely short notice event, yet there was a clever banner, and lots of folks participating in getting the message out to the public about police brutality.

If you feel like voicing your opinions about the training and actions of officers:

Portland Police
1111 S.W. 2nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204

Mayor Tom Potter
Mayor's 24-Hour Opinion Line: 503-823-4127
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 340
Portland, Oregon 97204

If your rights are violated or you witness rights being violated by police:
- Get video if at all possible.
- If any video were captured by (for example) store security or police car cams, ask to have that video preserved before it is written over. Many video systems only record a few hours or a day's worth before cycling back over the tape or video memory.
- Get contact info for any witnesses at the scene. If you are being hauled away in cuffs yell out your email address or phone number and ask to be contacted.
- Contact a civil rights lawyer or group such as NW Constitutional Rights Center (www.nwcrc.org).

more pic's and video to come 23.Oct.2006 13:45


`wrack/wack`, that made me laugh, good one, thank you. I have more pictures and video that I will put together and post. It is a lot of work, and I am not technologically learned as some. I have to get permission first, and yes, there might be someone who does not want to be identified. All I have is pic's and a digital high 8 (that's what Quinton used to film Pulp Fiction) and it might have to be edited to protect identity.

An officer was standing in the Chief's yard heavily armed with a shotgun and the whole bit. Would they have really shot one of these kids if they trespassed?

If anyone has some advice on how to put this edited video on a post, please e mail me.