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Skull & Bones Family Tree: whose skeletons are in each other's closets in Yale/US history

lots of hours and cross consultation by three people went into this simple graph ...Knowing of your inbred Bonesmen families is the first key to any secondary immune response.
failed entrance, flunked out, passed anyway; 6 total Bushes in Skull and Bones
failed entrance, flunked out, passed anyway; 6 total Bushes in Skull and Bones
Bones Family Tree
Bones Family Tree
flunked out of Yale, 10 of his ancestor Cheneys were Skull and Bones
flunked out of Yale, 10 of his ancestor Cheneys were Skull and Bones
Interesting points or themes about the graph:

- Cheney family as the line that most other Bones families are inbred within. 10 ancestor Cheneys were Skull and Bones; 2 other female Cheneys married 2 other Bonesmen for a total of 12 connections. (Bonesman "Bayne, Hugh Aiken", 1892, married a female Cheney; Bonesman "Thorne, Samuel", 1896, married a female Cheney)

- United States intergenerational psychopathy is very much a Skull and Bones organized phenomenon; U.S. Bones families intergenerational pathocracy.

- The biggest clump is around the Baldwin-Evarts-Sherman-Thacher-Day area.

- Six main branches off the Cheneys--four large intergenerational ones
-- Stewart/Miller/Isham/Cowles
-- Taft/Kellogg/Davison (Taft family co-founder, with Russells)
-- Lambert/Robinson/Vanderbilt/Whitney
-- Thorne/White/Rogers/Baldwin/Evarts/Thatcher/Day/Thompson/Johnson/Allen

- Note four levels of information
-- 1. who the major families in Bones are intermarried and linked to (one link is '-'; more than one link denoted as '=')
-- 2. colored numerical predominance of major intergenerational surnames in Bones, if applicable, and with colors showing generally how much they are so (the colors on the chart only represent surnames, instead of surnames plus middlename instances (many Bones families recycle or carry many other Bones surnames as middle names--they are that inbred of a pathocracy))
-- 3. tabulation of surname prevalance for all most common surnames, above five instances (irrespective of tree chart, though if mentioned in tree chart, i.e., yellow or red, in bold; lower left)
-- 4. tabulation of middle name prevalance for all most common middlenames (irrespective of tree chart, though if mentioned in tree chart, in bold; lower right)

- Note some top tabulated surnames (chart, bottom left) are outside the intergenerational inbred Bonesmen (e.g., Brown family for instance, of Brown Brothers private international bank; later Brown Brothers Harriman; or Walker family, which are married into the Bushes; or the Bushes, which are outside the bones family tree of cross-breds as well, or like the Bones Walkers, which are outside the bones family tree as well, and intermarried to the Bones Bushes, equally outside the bones family tree)

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