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StarOilco Helps to Improves Oregon Air Quality

StarOilco is providing ultra low sulfur diesel and biodiesel blends to residential heating oil consumers.
For Immediate Release
October 2006


Beginning immediately, StarOilco is providing ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and biodiesel blends for residential heating oil consumers. These fuel sources greatly reduce the pollutants produced by heating oil furnaces. "We are a clean air oil company and we are making changes to promote healthy living in Oregon" says StarOilco's General Manager, Michael Fitz.

The most recent drive in air quality improvement focuses on sulfur reductions. Sulfur is the main contributor to sulfur dioxide and particulate matter emissions. Traditional heating oil contains sulfur in quantities of up to 5,000 parts per million (ppm). With StarOilco's new sustainability plan, heating oil is now available that contains sulfur in quantities as low as 15 ppm. This reduces sulfur emissions by up to 99%.

In addition to ULSD for home heating oil, biodiesel blends are available. B20 (20% biodiesel and 80% ULSD) and B99 (99.9% biodiesel and .1% ULSD) provide the largest emissions reductions of any home heating fuel.

StarOilco purchases biodiesel from SeQuential Biofuels. SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel is Oregon's only commercial biodiesel company producing over one million gallons of biodiesel per year from used cooking oil and from canola oil grown and processed in Oregon.

"It's a great way to help the environment and the economy at the same time." says SeQuential's Gavin Carpenter. "The emissions are dramatically reduced and the money stays in Oregon."

"Biodiesel is becoming mainstream because our customers want it. There's something very personal and accessible about heating your home with a cleaner, locally-produced fuel that contributes directly to Oregon's economy," said Mark Fitz of Star-Oilco.

Star Oilco
Theresa Emery

homepage: homepage: http://www.staroilco.net
phone: phone: (503) 283-1256
address: address: 232 NE Middlefield Road

wow! 19.Oct.2006 15:56

biofuels, excellent

I am really glad there is a local bioearthfuel company in this town! I say, 'lets continue keeping this awesome energy in this land we share together!'