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Officers indicted elsewhere

Officers in Illinois indicted.
Like many of you, I was upset and saddened by the lack of indictment for the officers who beat and killed Jim Chasse. I wondered about other cities and other incidents of police abuse, so Googled for information. One article I found came from Cicero, Illinois where three officers actually have been indicted. They had already shown a pattern of abuse, the city having settled claims with citizens injured by these officers. The indictments came after allegations concerning a man they beat during a traffic stop. They broke his nose and then beat the man again at the police station. They then told the victim to wipe up the blood with his own shirt.

In a second incident, a woman was pulled over on a traffic stop. They began beating her and then noticed a man passing by making a video tape of their actions and ended up pulling him over too and beating him, ruining his camera. All of this was reported in the Chicago Tribune by Jeff Coen and Sara Olkon. Here is the link to their article  link to www.chicagotribune.com

The lack of an indictment in the Chasse case has upset a lot of people. Many of them did not know until now that the Grand Jury always vindicates the police officers in this state. Perhaps they did not hear about the Fouad Kaady case. Maybe they are not aware that the officers who killed Jose Mejia Poot were given awards. How many of these killings are going to happen before the citizens call for change! Maybe the irresponsible killing of Jim Chasse and the lame excuse for it will finally make citizens understand that we are in serious trouble here.
Considering A Move To Portland? 19.Oct.2006 16:30


Warning: If you are considering moving yourself and your family to Portland, DON'T! It is not worth the risk. It has become obvious in recent years that you do not have to be a criminal to fear the cops in this town, you only have to be walking down the street, driving home from the store or sitting in your home to be set upon my our thug force.

Stop Grand Juries!!!! 19.Oct.2006 21:30

ceilia Story friendsofjeffhogg@yahoogroups.com

My partner is Jeff Hogg, he is currently incarcerated for refusing to testify before a grand jury in the Green Scare. He hasn't committed a crime and they have assured him he will not be a target of the investigation. They simply want to know every person (activist) he has ever come in contact with for the last 10 years. He has been in jail since May 18th and is looking at staying until March, 2007 when this grand jury will end. Because it is all secretive, there is no attorney, no judge and no knowledge of what evidence there may or may not be. Hearsay is acceptable. When it comes to the cops, it works in their favor over and over, again because of secrecy. If we still used the transparent petit juries (with a judge, jury and attornies), like we used to, there is no doubt that these murdering police would have to take some responsibility for their actions in the face of community and victims' families. Instead, they (gj) are used to terrorize and dissappear people like Jeff from their community and to shroud corrupt politiians and armed thugs in secrecy, locking out the ability to question and investigate. Grand Juries were outlawed in England (where we got it from) in 1933 because of this secrecy & abuse of power. Get educated about grand juries, talk to your neighbors, hold informative disscussions in public places. Learn how they affect you and people around you. Don't let this be the only jury system left!!!! Stop Grand Juries!!!!!