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Police Killing Reporters

Assaults by law enforcement on reporters
The journalist in this video was assaulted with intended lethal force by several officers of the law after witnessing an attempted federal "hit", which she derailed. She may, in fact, be the sole survivor of a police death squad. She offers her testimony as to why law enforcement attempted to murder her, and what this means in terms of the move to fascism in our country.

 link to video.google.com

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Difficult to follow 19.Oct.2006 21:43


Due to the extreme choppiness of the audio portion, this is difficult to follow. We can give no thanks to our copper cables, compliments of Qwest and Comcast as they didn't deliver fiber cables as promised in the '90's. Bill Moyers says Europeans are way ahead of us in the internet technology.

She lists investigative journalists who were suicided by cops, an assult on the truth. Cops gave her a lethal injection, but she survived. Frightening.