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IDA to Finally Receive Documents in 5-Year Case Against OHSU for Violations of Oregonís Pu

After first filing suit in July of 2001, and then winning in the court of appeals in April 2005, In Defense of Animals (IDA) has accepted a settlement offer, marking Oregon Health Sciences University's (OHSU) long-delayed compliance with the Oregon Public Records Act. OHSU has agreed to provide IDA with precisely what it requested in 1998; access to health and behavioral records of primates kept at the Oregon National Primate Research Center without charge.
Activists challenging OHSU to debate their animal experiments last summer
Activists challenging OHSU to debate their animal experiments last summer
"After eight long years of waiting for OHSU to do the right thing and share these records, the public will finally be able to get a glimpse of how OHSU has been mistreating monkeys in their publicly funded research labs," according to Matt Rossell, Northwest Outreach Coordinator for IDA and a former primate technician at OHSU. "During my tenure at OHSU, I witnessed frequent mistakes, such as the wrong monkeys being bled and injected, and social primates housed alone in cramped cages, so it's no surprise OHSU is so desperate to keep the documents hidden from the public."

David Bahr, an attorney specializing in public records litigation, filed suit on behalf of IDA in July, 2001 to force OHSU to abide by the state law that mandates the disclosure of certain documents at publicly funded facilities like the Oregon Primate Center. OHSU sought $151,250 for copies of the daily health records, heath histories and behavior records for monkeys kept at the Center. IDA prevailed before the Oregon Court of Appeals in April of 2005, which ruled the University's fees were too high and not supported by OHSU's evidence. The case was then remanded to Multnomah County Circuit Court for determination of what, if any, amount of fees would be appropriate to charge IDA.

"The terms of this settlement provide closure to a case that never should have been necessary. Had OHSU been willing to do in 1998 what it has agreed to today, years of litigation could have been avoided," said Bahr. "This represents a victory not just for IDA but for anyone who believes activities funded by tax-dollars should not be shielded from public oversight."

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you might also 18.Oct.2006 20:26

ask for

records pertaining to ohsu's and the police state's heavy surveillance of animal rights activists.

Yes 19.Oct.2006 06:24

one who knows

Yes, you will be very interested if you gain access to OHSU's public safety recs on animal rights activists. Very interested.

Continue to Work Towards the Downfall of OHSU 19.Oct.2006 09:03


This is indeed a victory for IDA and the animal rights community. It just goes to show where perseverance can get you. Let this be a lesson to all ARA ... OHSU can be toppled if we all work and stick together. I too strongly urge anyone and everyone who has ever taken part in a protest at OHSU to ask for the secret and erroneous files they keep on those they perceive to be an activisits or a threat to them.

OHSU 19.Oct.2006 12:07


...the public has no choice in what OHSU says or records about them. OHSU is a public funded Corporation. All information should be open to the public since the public does pay several million $$$$$ each year to this Organization of secrecy.

so.... 19.Oct.2006 18:27


does ohsu get away with making us go through this? Are they required to pay for their wrongs? What is supposed to motivate them to do the right thing and follow the law? Aren't they happy that they caused us to go through this, using our valuable resources? Who really "paid" for this?
I am not against this lawsuit, I am glad something is being done, but I'm just wondering if this will motivate OHSU to get within the law. All the time the case was going on, they wouldn't let us, the public, in their publicly funded buildings, and they harassed protestors.....they don't seem to care about the law.....
Anyone heard what happened to Ohnny, who was arrested at the Schumacher protest, too?