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smith and the boys

A Challenge:

"Come out; come out Mr. Smith---wherever you are." I just listened to you talk about what a disaster it would be if we leave Iraq. Mr. Smith, our Senator from the great state of Oregon likes to tell people he is a republican moderate. He is just another Cheney/Bush Bitch.

Mr. Smith has voted with the pretender to the Presidency on every important decision that has caused all of us such pain, my tears are now just water for outrage.

Come out Mr. Smith, you have had people arrested who have gone to your office. Their crime of trying to deliver a petition to an elected official is now unlawful behavior. You hide in your glass tower called the WTO building hoping no one will notice how much of a coward you are---come out Mr. Smith.

You have voted to end our Constitution, destroying the Bill of Rights, and say torture is just fine with you. You are a traitor and just another NeoCon---come out Mr. Smith.

You have voted against the Bankruptcy Bill when you knew it was going to pass. You voted against amendments that would have exempted people who found themselves busted because they cannot meet their medical bills.

You have voted for Supreme Court Justices who only support dictatorship in the White House---come out and meet with me Mr. Smith.

I am just an old vet, no special speaking abilities, not slick at all, but I will challenge you to a debate. I will debate you anytime, anywhere---no notes, just what we believe---come out you coward and face just one old guy who knows you.

I did not use your given title of Senator because you have shamed the office and do not deserve the title. Great and noble people have held the title of Senator, and you are not among them.

One week from tomorrow I will meet you at high noon, anyplace you want---come out Mr. Smith

Joseph Walsh---lone vet
always been a fan of your work 18.Oct.2006 18:37


And this is no exception. I would love to see citizens taking on their politicians in a public debate. It would help expose them for what they are. And it is true, they are cowards, they would never face you, nor anyone else unless it was a highly scripted and policed event.

I'm a fan, too 18.Oct.2006 19:26

Jody Paulson

And I agree, we ought to have *real* town meetings instead of suck-up reporters like the phoney White House press corps (the only reporter with any guts is an 80 year old lady named Helen Thomas). In fact, we ought to demand these meetings by making it a law -- a random selection of regular citizens, choosen the way you get picked for jury duty, get to attend a (televised) town meeting with their public officials to let them know what's on their minds and ask them real questions. I remember hearing Lincoln actually met with ordinary citizens on a regular basis, even inviting them into the White House for a chat. Read this:  http://www.whitehouseforsale.org/blog/page.cfm?pageid=127

Would Mr. Smith do that? We need a way to keep our elected officials accountable and informed about the impact of their decisions on the rest of us!

thinking---thinking 19.Oct.2006 05:30

lone vet


What I am thinking is to show up next Thursday at Smith's office for the debate, maybe with ten helium balloons-one for each section of the Bill of Rights. Maybe pop each section to show what Smith has given us in his vote for dictatorship---still thinking about this?---I will let you know what I decide ( hey, that makes me a decider too.) I will be at Smith's office at high noon next Thursday, just not sure what I will do when I get there.

Oath of Office 22.Oct.2006 15:23


All Reps. and Sens. take an oath of office pursuant to Art. VI of Const. which says that they swear to defend the Const. Since Mil. Comms. Act invalidates amendments 4,5,6, & 8 both Greg Walden and Gordon Smith have violated their oath of office by voting in favor of it they have violated their oath of office and nobody really gives a shit. Sheeple in Eastern Oregon will still vote for them because they can afford slick TV ads.

centaur smith 23.Oct.2006 07:40

lone vet

Hey folks,

On Thursday 26th of October I will be at the WTC building, THAT IS WHERE OUR "Centaur" Smith does hide. I will be handing out copies of the Bill of Rights. I will be calling for Mr. Smith or one of his staff to come out to talk about why he gave bush the right to arrest and disappear any citizen of this great nation called America. Come and join me, this is the end of Mr. Smith as a senator from the state of Oregon. Mr. Smith is a traitor and should be called out---want to take a ride, want to make the man who acts like cheney, (does have more hair) uncomfortable? Bring copies of the Bill of Rights and your soul. Well, that's all folks!

11:45 AM Mr. Smith's office----ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER---121 SW SALMON ST.

Joseph Walsh---Lone Vet